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Buddy's Column

Come here each week to see what Buddy has to say! Also, check his column out in the LaGrange Standard.

Buddy June 17, 2024

Dear Friends,

I have been on the pontoon and my ears have been flying. As you well know I love to go with my lake mom.  I remember some of the smells from last year and I also discovered some new ones.  Life is good and I am sticking to that!

You still have time to sign up for the golf outing at Cedar Lake.  Do it and enjoy a great day and help my pals at the rescue as well.  Call Jill at 260-336-5455 and she will be happy to help you do that registering thing.

We have discovered a monster.  I am here to tell you that you need to stay away from this creature!  We were visiting a friend of my town mom and lake mom and this thing came out of nowhere.  It was round and very very short but it went everywhere.  We went this way and it went right after us.  We went another way and zoom, here it came.  We tell you we could not figure it out.  My two moms and their friend didn’t seem to be worried - in fact they sort of laughed.  We watched with all our eyes as it went from room to room looking for its next victim.  We watched closely under the table while safe from its power. We saw it take a string or something like that and wham, it was gone.  Let me say we were worried. Me about my poof, and Sunny and Lolli about life.  What if it got close to us and there was a hair or two that was longer than the rest, my poof would be swallowed up.  What would I do then? I mean my poof is who I am. What is even scarier is it could have swallowed us up.  It didn’t have eyes but it saw where things were on the floor.  It didn’t have ears or at least ears that we could see.  We didn’t see a mouth, but stuff just disappeared when it was around.  We are telling you we were thinking it was going to make us disappear.  Into this room and then into that room and then back and forth it came and went.  We are very  glad my lake mom and my town mom don’t have one of these monsters.  We listened carefully while the friend talked about this thing, she called it a roomba I am thinking what the heck is that?  Who would name something that eats everything in its path a roomba .  This we know, we don’t think we want to get too close because we know how much my lake mom likes my poof.  I would be naked without it.  Sunny and Lollipop had an endless visit with barking and charging and backing up.  Ha, it was fun to watch them make fools of themselves.

Ark can always use these things:  bleach, dog treats, scoopable litter, wet cat food, volunteers, adoptees and gift cards.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine, and Lollipop

Buddy June 10, 2024

Dear Friends,

Schools out Schools out teacher let the fools out. No more reading writing and arithmetic taught to the tune of a hickory stick.  Ha.  If you are as old as my town mom you remember this jingle.  It’s an oldie and not true anymore.  No more hickory sticks, and the reading writing and arithmetic are called who knows what anymore. But, what I want to say is school is out and that means more time with my lake mom AND the pontoon and golf cart.  I feel like the king of the lake when we are on the pontoon.  Sort of like the Titantic, sort of.  We have no plans to sink. I love the breeze and all the smells.  I love all the waves and yells by people.  They all know who I am.  I feel famous sometimes.  I hope you enjoy the summer time as much as I do.

What are your plans for the summer?  I have a great idea.  You can play in Ark’s golf outing June 22 at Cedar Lake.  We had a blast last summer and all that played really helped us with some donations too.  If you are interested, give Jill a call at 260-336-5455.

If you go to the shelter, take a look around back.  We have done some good things for the animals.  You will probably not recognize it.  My town mom used to call it the ghetto.  Now she calls it the Hilton.  Take a look we have made things SO much better for our dogs.  Makes me smile when I know my pals are getting some very top notch treatment outside too.

My town mom told me this story: The owner is Cynthia, a veterinarian. The dog is Dolly, a Pit Bull that was used for breeding and taken from a dog-fighting operation. The tortoise is Sheldon.  He came into Cynthia’s life because he too was found and no one knew what to do with him.   They live in Texas and Cynthia’s home has the type of yard that a tortoise would like.  I am wondering the difference between a tortoise and a turtle. Guess that comes another time.  Cynthia nursed Dolly back to health and thought she would be a companion for her lab. Dolly had other ideas.  When Sheldon appeared he weighed 50#’s and was well, smelly and kind of slimy too. They met for the first time in the back yard and just sort of watched one another.  Then they of all things, they began to play.  Dolly has a gentle spirit and the relationship is really all about having fun.  Sometimes Dolly snatches Sheldon’s carrots and Sheldon has taken over Dolly’s dog house as his.  They zip this way and zip that way and sometimes Sheldon will nip at Dolly’s feet.  Dolly runs and Sheldon chases her.  And then they reverse.  I bet that is quite a sight!  A tortoise chasing a Pit Bull. Sheldon is a sulcate tortoise and can grow to 100 pounds and also live for 100 years!  I am thinking I would like to see this. Friendships come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and kinds.  I am glad Dolly found Sheldon and that they have an owner that loves them both.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Buddy June 3, 2024

Dear Friends,

Do you know what the number is this week? 84! 39 dogs and 50 cats eager for homes and do you know where they are? They are waiting for you at Ark Animal Rescue and Adoption.  They are ready.  That means they have been spayed or neutered and have all their shots and come with a heart overflowing with love and gratitude. You know the rest, adopt, and don’t shop.

I’m a pretty smart guy but I just learned about the fact you can have pigs as pets. They are called potbellied pigs.  You know how I love pigs.  I am wondering why my town mom and my lake mom have not told me about this. I think they have been hiding it.  I can see it now, a new friend, and I will call him Snorkie.  Yep, I like that name.  I can see it now, Snorkie coming through the dog door at Sunny and Lolli’s house in the morning. I wonder if they will like him too.  I am quite sure they will bark. Now all I have to do it find out where I can get one.  Any clues?

I have talked to you several times about my squinty eyes and how I can do that and usually get what I want.  Somehow it melts the hearts of people.  I add the wag of my poof too.  That is usually a 100% deal.  I just learned something about dog’s eyes.  You know we all came from wolves but during that time from a woof to me, we canines developed a muscle to help us raise our eyebrows. The funny thing is wolves don’t have this and neither do Husky’s.  I bet the Husky’s don’t have this because their eyes are two different colors.  That is a whole different story. Because we have this special muscle and because we know how and when to use it to help get what we want, like another biscuit or adoption or a new friend named Snorkie I think it is pretty cool. Puppy dog eyes are what those people that do all the research call it.  I call it lucky for us.  Do you think there is research about poofs too?  I will need to look into this.

Did you sign up for the June Golf outing?  June 22nd at Cedar Lake Golf Course.  Call Jill at  260-336-5455 to make your reservation. And, have an awesome time.

You can help by supplying some of our daily needs: Bleach, dog and cat food, scoopable litter, soft dog treats, dish soap, wet kitten food, Imes small bites, and paper litter. When our great community supplies these needs we can use the money not spent on better care of the animals.  Thanks!

Buddy May 20, 2024

Dear Friends,

This is a first for me so you have to know it is a first for the girls too.  On our walks we go by this African gray.  You say what? An African gray. A parrot.  His name is Tripp.  That is a funny name for a parrot. Not sure why that name but here is what is interesting, he has no feet.  Hey, maybe that is why his name is Tripp – he tripped over his own feet.  But wait, he has no feet.  He was born with feet but for some reason his mom or dad – ick – chewed them off.  He has stumps.  He walks on stumps!  It is very amazing.  The human parents of Tripp have had him since he was 9 months.  He does some singing and some whistling and loves to be outside. His dad said he knows the theme song from Andy Griffth. He didn’t perform for us, but I suspect he wondered why we were there and a tad shy.  We can hear him from the road when we walk by.  He is just singing away.  We have not been up close and personal and it is probably a good idea we just enjoy him from the road.  He is gray but he has a red tail.  Strange I think, but he is pretty and its good for us to know his name.  I am not sure I would want to encounter his beak.  My town mom told me it looks like it could be nasty.  Tripp’s mom said he got her finger one time with his beak and red stuff came out.  Ouch!  Tripp, it is nice to meet you from a distance and we will enjoy you whistling and singing from the road.

Just in case you are wondering, Sunshine is done being mad at her mom.  It gook about 5 days, but she is back to sitting on her lap and following her around like a shadow.  Her ear has healed and everyone is glad she is back to normal.

Golf anyone?  You like to chase that little white ball around and at the same time help the dogs and cats?  Here is your chance.  June 22nd at the Cedar Lake golf course you can do both.  Starting at 10 a.m. you can tee up, not be teed off, with your friends or meet new ones.  Sign up at 260-336-5455. I don’t think I will be there.  My lake mom keeps telling me she is going to get me clubs but I still don’t see them.  I will be there is spirit.  I know this, I love riding in the golf cart we have.  It is almost as much fun as the pontoon.  If you see me, make sure you wave, and you know I will wave back – at least my poof.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Rescue Rescue Rescue Rescue Rescue!

Buddy May 13, 2024

Dear Friends,

Hope your Mother’s Day was good and that you didn’t forget to smile, wag and give a kiss or two.  I did, and it always gets my lake mom.  My smile is a little different since some of my teeth are missing.  Doesn’t matter as it still makes her smile.

You know I have been around a while. This story is one I have never seen.  It is true and you can imagine it has to do with the girls – Sunshine in particular.

We all go to the groomers to be cleaned up on the same day. We have done this for a long time and we always come back smelling great and looking even greater. Our groomer always does a great job and gives us all a special kerchief for our necks when we leave. We prance around like royalty and believe me when I say I‘m glad when it is over.

When my town mom picked us up this past week the groomer met her at the door with her head down.  I heard my town mom say, “did one of the dogs bite you?” She said no and went ahead to tell her that Sunshine zigged when the clippers zagged and she accidently cut her ear. She went on to say she felt really bad and apologized. I hear my town mom say, “it is ok, sometimes those things happen.”  The groomer gave her some medicine and again apologized.

That is not the funny part – when we got home Sunshine ran to the bedroom, then to the chair, then outside not only one time but many times.  She would have nothing to do with her mom, my town mom.  We all sat on the deck and Lollipop and I sat next to her, but Sunshine just went in the house.  That night when we were watching TV Lolli and I were on her lap but Sunny was in the other room on the couch all by herself.  Usually we are all together in the chair.  If you can imagine this, it went on for almost a week, a full week!  Sunny was ok, she was eating and drinking, and going on walks, but when it came to time with her mom, she would have nothing to do with her.   Nothing.   After about a week, she jumped up on the chair and snuggled her way onto her mom’s lap.  Know what I think?  I think she was punishing her mom for taking her to the groomers.  Like it was her mom’s fault her ear got cut.  I think this is pretty funny.  Actually I sort of liked it as there was more room on the chair for Lolli and me.  Her ear has healed and things are pretty much back to normal now.  This is what I wonder – what happens the next time it is grooming time?  Guess we will have to wait and see.  I heard my town mom say to one of her friends, “it is a Schnauzer thing. I’m not quite sure what that means, but she laughed and so did her friend.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Rescue, the best for all

Buddy May 6, 2024

Dear Friends,

Clean up week for the girls and me.  What we go through to smell and look good.  I personally think we are fine just the way we are but oh no, we have to go about every 6 weeks.  It is funny to see our mom’s response when we leave the beauty shop.  We get extra hugs and then we get extra kisses on the top of our heads.  So, I guess you can say it is worth it.  I guess. I wouldn’t want our mom’s to know so lets just keep it between us.

An extra reminder for Mother’s Day.  You still have time to do something special for your mom.  I suggest you take my advice and just do it. Your life will be much easier and you will make your mom smile.

Dog texting.  I am learning.  This is what I have learned so far: BOL – bark out loud.  OMDT- over my dead toy.  HAW – Humans are watching.  OMD – oh my dog. TTTP – talk to the paw. ROFB – Rolling on floor barking.  SMB – smell my butt.  I am sure there are others, do you have any?

Here is a good saying I found this week:  “Dogs are the magicians of the universe.  By their presence alone, they can transform grumpy people into grinning people.”  C.Pinkola Estes. 

This will tug at your heart. The Foster Dog. I know I don’t look like much. My ears aren’t the longest but I can hear everything you say. My coat isn’t very shiny, either – but I loved to be brushed. I am not a perfect dog, I guess.  Sometimes I make mistakes in the house, mostly when I get scared.  And I get really frightened when my foster mom goes away.  I know what it’s like to be abandoned forever. What if she never, never comes back? I get a awfully possessive about my food sometimes. I know what it’s like not to have any. And big people with loud hard voices scare me when they try to clip my nails.  I’ve been hurt bad.  And sometimes kids run and scream, one of them hit me once. And one kicked me.  I feel better that I used to, but I still get kind of sick sometimes.  I don’t know what’s wrong, but sometimes I just like to lie down in the sun and sleep.  I like my foster mother very well.  She’s a really nice person.  And I have been here a long time now.  She likes me too.  But I wish I had someone to really really love me.  Some very nice people came to look at me one time.  They petted me and took me for a walk!  I was so sure. But they went away.  They said I was too old. I wonder what that means.  Does that mean I won’t every get my own home?  By Diane Morgan

Sigh….sometimes I just wonder.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Rescue – try it you will like it.

Buddy April 29, 2024

Dear Friends,

This teeth thing I told you about last week – I have had pills in peanut butter, cheese, peanut butter and cheese, crushed, huge pills and I am hear to tell you I am done with them.  I heard my town mom say this morning, “Buddy, this is the last one.”  Then you know what happened? She tried one more on me.  Nope, didn’t happen. I totally refused.  I get a pill every morning for a little ‘arthur’ that has found its way to my right front leg.  Not today, didn’t happen.  I suspect later in the day it will re-appear. Sigh. 

So, this is what is happening with the girls.  They have decided when their mom, my town mom leaves they need to do something.  So when she comes home she finds the following:  A schnauzer pillow taken off the little footstool in the living room re assigned to the hallway, the bath hand towel reassigned to the kitchen floor and the beautiful pansy rug flipped over in the living room.  This is what I don’t understand, why they have not found the toilet paper in the bathroom.  This is a schnauzer specialty and yet it goes un-attended.  Do you think I should say something to them? Opps, almost forgot, when she came home last night from meet the candidates her blanket on her bed was in the tv room.  It is a blanket just for them on her bed.  Her sweatpants, yep, in the backyard.  I know she tells them when she leaves to not wreck the house.  Maybe she should speak German?  Me? I never did anything like this when I was younger.  Ha, believe that I have some other tall tails to share with you.

So we are all snuggled in our places.  I am in the big blue chair and the girls are on their mom.  We are asleep enjoying being spoiled. Then this noise wakes us up. It is a tap noise on the window.  I bark, the girls bark and we race to the window.  Nothing.  We settle back into our owned places take to the shut eye again.  Then it happens again. Tap. We wake up race back to the window.  Nothing. Back to our snuggle places.  Happens again and again.  It is a crazy robin who thinks she wants in the house too. She is tapping on the window and actually making a mess of the window.  My town mom puts something in the window to try and make her go away.  No luck. She comes back and back and back.  I am wondering what is going on in her head?  Anything?  I wonder if she knows she is totally messing with our snuggling.

Just a reminder humans, Mother’s Day will be fast coming.  Best to do something special for that mom that takes care of you. I learned this a long time ago.  Head tilting and eye squinting are ok on a regular basis, but when it comes to Mother’s Day ya gotta do something special.  Just take it from me.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Rescued is great for all involved.  Just do it.

Buddy April 22, 2024

Dear Friends,

This is a first for me!  I loved it! Ready to do it again! And again!! And again!!! Any guesses?  Not a hair cut that’s for sure.  Not a vet trip, that’s for sure too.  I was the honoree for a golf cart ride.  Yep.  I had the front seat right next to my lake mom.  She smiled and I wagged.  It is ours too.  Around the lakes we went.  I visited other dogs, saw all the pretty spring flowers, got to say hi to a bunch of people and saw different views of people homes.  I have seen one view on the pontoon, but never the other view.  They are as pretty from both sides.  Know what else?  It is green.  Michigan State color.  My lake mom says that is not why she got it, but I wonder.  Ha. I can’t wait for the next ride.  Sunshine and Lollipop are jealous.  I’m not sure they will ever have a chance to ride.  I can see them jumping all over the place.

I had a vet visit too. Not real high on my list of things I like to do.  Teeth cleaning time.  They had to pull some too.  I am sure glad I didn’t feel it.  You have heard me tell you before how important it is to have those teeth taken care of.  The vet told my lake mom I may have to have surgery on another one.  I hope not, but I know my mom will take care of me and if it is needed she will do it.  I love my mom.  Tell your human to get those teeth checked.

Have you signed up for the 5-K walk at Pine Knob?  There is still time. It is Saturday the 27th.  I heard someone say the other night that they are going and what fun it will be.  If I am staying at my town mom’s house I will probably get to go.  Not sure about those little girls – they are pretty noisy.  Please come and support Ark. Look me up when you come.

Just want you all to know the new washer and dryer are working really well!  I had to kinda laugh because there are steps to the washer.  I asked why the steps and was told some of the gals are too short to put the soap in for the loads because its on the top of the washer.  They don’t mind they said, just glad to have the new and much larger machines to work with.  Thank you again and again for the donations.  Remember, you are helping the dogs and cats 24-7-365! 

Here are some funny cat jokes.  Wanna hear a bad cat joke? A: Just kitten!   What kind of sports car does a cat drive? A Furrari.  What do you call a cat that’s a beauty influencer?  Glamourpuss. And a final one;   What do you call a cat that gets anything it wants?  Purrr-suasive.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lolliepop

Rescue and change a life ‘fur-ever’ 

Buddy April 15, 2024

Dear Friends,

So the tulips are in bloom, the grass is green and my song is What a wonderful world! 

I had my annual trip to the vet this week.  I got all those shots that you are supposed to get and I have to go back next week for them to clean my teeth. I am not looking forward to that but I know how important it is to have those things done.  Lots of things and not very good things happen when your teeth are not watched.  Please tell your human to take you for your annual shots and teeth check.

When I can back from the vet I was ok but had a little reaction to those shots during the night.  I woke up and I didn’t feel very good.  It happens sometimes.  I came to my town mom’s in the morning but didn’t really feel like eating so my dish sat on the table where it is every morning until I eat it.  My town mom left the room, you guessed it, those under fed, under privileged, and poor girls knocked it down from the table and ate it all.  They had it all scarfed up before my town mom knew what happened.  I could tell you she was not pleased and that would be very much the truth.

Ark has a whole bunch of things coming up.  Check the face book page for the 5-K dog walk, golf, and bingo! Great people to be around and a great cause.

Here you go: A Border collie was left at home while his mom and dad went out for the evening.  When they came home several hours later that Border collie had rounded several neighbors’ sheep up. I said to my town mom that is not a big deal.  That is what Border Collies do. She then said to me, “Buddy he put them all in the kitchen!”  Then she laughed.  I like that part. I wonder how they got into the kitchen.  Maybe I can find out.  I remember hearing a while back, “Buddy, how did that frog got into my bedroom?”  I remained silent.  Sometimes silence is the best way.

A guy sits down in a movie theater and notices that the man in front of him has brought his dog and it's sitting in the seat next to him.  He thinks it's unusual, but he likes dogs so he decides that as long as it's not a distraction he won't mention it. The movie starts and pretty soon there's a funny part. The dog makes some low woofing sounds that seem like laughter. In a little while there's a sad part and the dog appears to be weeping. This continues throughout the film and the man sitting behind the dog is astounded. When the lights come up he taps the dog's owner on the shoulder and tells him, "I gotta say, and I know it sounds weird, but it seemed like your dog really enjoyed this movie." The dog owner looks at the dog and nods. "I know, it really is weird," he says, "because he absolutely hated the book."

Your ’fur-ever friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Buddy April 8, 2024

Dear Friends,

Well that sure was a short summer.  As I type this and as much as I hate to say it, it is snowing.  In April!  On spring break!  How dare it?  Well what I do is curl up in a nice soft blanket and snooze the day away.  There will be time to get out and dig, smell the fresh air, find new things and listen to the birds. But, not soon enough!

It happened!  It really happened!  I have not seen my town mom smile that big since she brought home those two pups!  Wanna know why?  Maybe you guessed it already.  The match for the Ark’s new washer and dryer --  was matched!  Yep, all those blankets and toys will continue but even better be washed and dried with the new.  Thankful is not the right word, but we really are.   Let me think a little on this…  I did with some help from Jack at Paws and Claws. Here is what Jack and I came up with:  Grateful, Appreciative, Beholden, Pleased, Glad and Happy.  How about all those words! Wiggles and wags to all of you who helped and when you see me if you let me know I will wag my famous poof for you.

Here is a pretty good poem for you.  It is called Poem of a dog. I am the one who always waits for you.  Your car has a special sound that I have imprinted on my senses; I can recognize it among a thousand.  Your steps have a magic timbre.  Your voice is music to my ears.  If I see your joy, it makes me happy!  Your scent is the best; your presence is what moves my senses.  Your awakening wakes me up.  I watch you sleep and for me you are my person, I am happy watching over your sleep.  Your gaze is a ray of light.  Your hands on me have the lightness of peace and the sublime display of infinite love.  When you go out, I feel a huge emptiness in my heart.  I wait for you again and again.  I am the one who will wait for you all my life today, tomorrow and always:  I am your dog.  Author unknown

Here is another:  I can’t think of anything that brings me closer to tears than when my old dog—completely exhausted after a hard day in the field – limps away from her nice spot in front of the fire and comes over to where I am sitting and puts her head in my lap, a paw over my knee, and closes her eyes, and goes back to sleep.  I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve that kind of friend.  Gene Hill.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Rescued is best for both animal and person

Buddy April 1, 2024

Dear Friends,

Well April is here!  The daffodils and tulips and yep even the weeds are showing up.  How I love spring.  All the winter smells are gone and the new ones come and I love exploring them.  I like to sing zippy do dah zippy day!  People look at me crazy but  like but I always say a song is a great smile getter and poof wager.

I sometimes give people a bad rap for the things they do sometimes to us dogs and cats.  And sometimes they need to hear it.  This time however my heart is touched and my poof wags with gusto.  You all know if you have been following my stories (and I hope you have) that we are working towards a commercial (that means BIG) washer and dryer at Ark.  When my town mom told me how much I said WHAT?  More money than I had.  We are so very close and then this happened: An animal person (that means in my head they love us) called and said he would match up to $4,500!  When this happens, we have REACHED OUR GOAL!  So, here is your time for your donation to be matched for Ark.  My poof is happy and my heart is full.  I just know this will happen.  Be a part of the theme, 24-7-365 helping dogs, cats and elephants when we have them. Trust me when I say you will hear a very big HOWELLLLL!  And of course I will let you know. Oh and by the way this is no April fools joke!

Most of you know I am a senior now. I take a pill every morning to help with a little “arthur” My lake mom just got me a whole new bottle of 30 this week.  She gave it to my town mom and she put them in her pocket.  Later that night she discovered, you guessed it, Sunshine and Lollipop chewing on something.  It was the empty plastic bottle. No pills around.  You can imagine her scare, a full bottle of medicine and none of it left.  She went on the hunt through the house, no pills.  Went outside late at night in the dark and searched the yard, no pills.  What to do? Do I go to the ER vet? Then she thought, I will go to their ‘favorite’ place where they do their ‘favorite’ thing and yep there they were. She gathered them up took them inside and hoped to find all 30 all of them. She did.  Even counted twice to make sure.   Whew, what a scare. I heard her say to those crazy girls, “You gave me quite a scare you little dogs.” Me? I would probably have said something a little different! Just glad it all turned out ok.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Rescued is the best for you and even better for the animal.

Buddy March 25, 202

Dear Friends,

I was not a part of this.  My town mom said the girls had quite an adventure this week.  This is what she told me.  I listened very carefully so I could repeat what she said.  She got up one morning this past week and walked into the TV room and found her DVD’s scattered all over the floor.  They were within reach of the girls and they had a blast. Not only were they all over the floor but some  had been opened too.  Two were all the way open and she thinks they tried to put them in the player as they had teeth marks on them.  They have quite a collection of toys and they were in every room of the house.  She didn’t get mad at them because she said what good would that do – it happened during the night and it was already morning.  Sometimes ya gotta wonder why these youngsters do what they do.  She picked them up along with all the plastic and paper they scattered about and put them in a place where they could not get to them again. 

This story she told kind of reminded me of some of the things I was lucky enough to be a part of.  Do you remember – the pigs in the woods?  Bacon and Pork were my friends.  Do you remember – the black and white critters that my town mom got hysterical over when I wanted to make friends?  Do you remember – the wooly worms in the woods.  Do you remember – the deer leg that I brought up from the woods?  Do you remember – the woodchuck I brought into the house and put on my town mom’s bed?  Do you remember – the bunnies in the house?  Do you remember – that cold day in January when I was found?  Do you remember – the deer in the woods that I chased?  Do you remember – me teaching the pups about eye squinting and poof wagging?  Ah, all these things are fond memories.  Oh yes, one more, rolling in the good smelly stuff in the woods.

 My town mom found this on her phone and she read it to me. A Human’s Prayer to a Dog.  1. Thank you for your bark. 2. Thank you for welcoming me home with a smile and wagging tail. 3. Thank you for kisses and paws without asking. 4. Thank you for your silly antics. 5. Thank you for lying next to me. 6. Thank you for a cold wet nose. 7. Thank you for accepting me. 8. Thank you for adopting me. 9. Thank you for your patience. 10. Thank you for letting me be part of your life.  Love FOREVER, Your Human.

The Ark has been under some pounding this past week.  The men who are working there are getting it ready for the new commercial washer and dryer.  It is pretty exciting because I hear my town mom talking about it and she gets pretty excited too.  She says it will help the dogs, cats and elephants 24-7-365.  It is a great way to help and you can still donate if you want.

Your ’fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

The best things in life are rescued

Buddy March 18, 2024

Dear Friends,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day a little late. Did you wear your green? Someone said I would get pinched if I didn’t wear green. The only green I have is a Michigan State green.  When I wear that it means it is cold.  I didn’t wear it.  I soaked up all the sunshine possible this past week when it was out.  I sniffed and sniffed and even dug some.  I love the warmer weather, but then who does not?  The girls were outside doing their thing too.  Barking and running around like crazy.  As I write this, they are couch potatoes.  It is raining and they think they might melt if they get wet.  They think they are made of sugar!  I’m liking the couch too.

Well, it is happening.  The commercial washer and dryer that Ark has been working towards is beginning to take place.  My town mom said she went to the Rescue and they are beginning to get ready for them to be installed.  This is a big deal because the Rescue has been using hand me downs for a long time.  This will help with the 10-12 loads everyday they do!  They still need some donations just in case you would like to be a part of something that helps dogs and cats 24 – 365 for a very long time!  Just saying.

You know my saying, wag more, bark less right? I overheard my town mom saying she should have done that this week.  I guess I really don’t understand as she doesn’t have a poof.  You can’t wag unless you have a poof.  It is the poof that makes it special.  I just laughed at her when she said it and thought to myself, it will never work for her.  It is a good motto to have even if you don’t have a poof!

Sunshine and Lollipop don’t have a poof but they have a little stub that wags.  Lolli’s wags more than Sunny’s. It makes my town mom laugh out loud when she wags it. Maybe that is what is wrong with people, they need a poof or a stub – what do you think?

I love walking in the early mornings. I love hearing the birds. Do you suppose they have a wag or a poof?   I don’t think I have ever seen a poof on a bird or a stub.  I will have to look a little closer to investigate.  I do know this; I love hearing them sing.  You know that is something I have never tried doing.  Singing.  I will have to let you know how it comes out. 

My hope for you this next week is that you find something to wag about.  If you can’t find anything let me tell you that going to Ark will make your day!  It will make many dogs wag and it will make that place in your heart warm and fuzzy too.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

The best things in life are rescued.

Buddy March 11, 2024

Dear Friends,

I am not sure what the word research means.  Maybe you can help with this story.  My town mom saw this on that face book thing, and I have heard her say sometimes you can’t always believe what you read there.  This story sounds good.  It is something I have never heard of, but if it is true –wow!  If you know if is true or not maybe you could let me know. Here goes. 

If you have a pacemaker, you can put it in your Will to have your pacemaker donated to a dog in need after you pass.  Pacemakers cannot be donated to another human, but they can be donated to dogs with cardiac issues who would depend on it to stay alive. 

You can have the pacemaker brought to a vet of your choice.  So many of those get thrown away and dogs die because people don’t know they can do this.  It even saves the dog’s owner the cost of the actual pacemaker which sometimes means the difference in being able to afford lifesaving treatment or not.

Well there is a spring in my step this week.  I heard the birds singing in the morning.  Yep, that is a sure sign.  Know what else?  The fine aroma of the woods, the mud, the bunnies, those big cow eyes and of course the very famous smell of those black and white critters with a long tail. Ha, my town mom is very careful we don’t get close to them.  They seem friendly enough but I can tell by the tone of her voice I better stay away.  I am waiting to see my first yellow flower that loves to grow in everyone’s yard. My town mom doesn’t like them so we don’t have too many.   I’ve already seen a robin.  Always brings a smile to my face and a wag to my poof.

It is here again, that time thing change.  You know that messes not only me and Sunshine and Lollypop up as well.  We know when we should eat and get up.  When that crazy time thing happens it throws us all off.  We can tell time.  So this means we will wake up earlier and want to eat different too.  Humor your pets and ease into the time change.  We hear on the news lots of ways to avoid the confusion for humans.  Take it easy on your pets too.

It is time for you to be reminded of flea and tick stuff as well.  They are two nasty critters for us and for humans too.  I have had them both and trust me when I say it is not fun.  You get more baths, sometimes medicine and then there is that itch thing that happens too. Get the meds and make sure your pets have that big word, preventive so they don’t get those critters on them. Remember to take care of your pet as they are a part of your family.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollypop

Rescued is the best way to go. 

Buddy March 4 2024

Dear Friends,

I am trying to figure out something here.  My town mom has a niece who has a rabbit. So that rabbit would be a great nephew to me?  Or would he be a step nephew? Or golly sakes, it is too difficult.  I will just say he is a good friend that belongs to my town moms niece.  Any way, he wrote a letter for us.  I guess it really does not matter if he is a nephew or a great nephew or whatever.  Here goes: Dear Buddy,

I don't think you have heard from a Lagomorph yet!  That is a fancy word for a rabbit!  I'm Dark Chocolate, and I'm a house bunny.  I'm just as smart as cats and dogs, and I bond with my humans, too!  I'm really soft to pet and fun to watch, eat, play, and "binky."  Binky is a little hop rabbits do when they are happy.  I binky a lot with my Mom and Dad around. 

I was rescued by my parents in the backyard of their home.  They noticed that I stood out amongst the wild hares.  I had a dark coat; my head and ears were bigger, and I wasn't very fast when I moved.  They could tell I was left in the woods when I should have been cared for in a house.  Well, the deer of the forest and I talked it over, and the deer said they thought Mom and Dad were really good people and loved all animals since they fed the birds, bees, and deer.   The deer thought I should go live with them, and so I did!  The best days are when it is cold and raining. I remember trying to keep warm outside, and now I stay safe and dry in my cozy house!      I wanted to remind our readers that 80% of rabbits bought around Easter are abandoned before their first birthday.  Many animal shelters are not equipped to care for rabbits.  Folks think that we rabbits are cute (and we are), but we are high maintenance!    We require special diets and special veterinary care and it isn't very easy for mom and dad to take a vacation because I require someone to be with me most of the time.   We really are not a good pet for kids or for families with dogs.   I'll say "Hi" to the Easter Bunny, for you! I'm off to go eat my veggies!  I'm a big fan of dill, parsley, cilantro, and dandelions!    Happy Easter, friends!

Thanks Dark Chocolate it is good to know about bunnies and Easter coming.  I hope that this will help moms and dads choose something else for their kids.  Thanks for the information, I learned a lot. I will try and not chase bunnies anymore, but I can tell you I will be very careful if I do. 

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

The Best things in life are rescued even Lagomorphs. 

Buddy Feb 26, 2024

Dear Friends,

Her name is Josie.  She was picked up as a stray.  I was a stray and I know what that means. I have had way too many friends picked up as strays and this is what happens.  They are taken to Ark.  That is not all bad as Ark is very careful and kind during the whole mess.  But when they get to Ark, it is noisy, real noisy and even through it is warm it is not like a home. There is tons of barking, I mean tons!  They get good food, medical attention, biscuits and toys. Some stay a very very long time, some do not.  Josie was seen by a family on the web that had Labs in the past and called very quickly to find out more information. It was meant to me.  Josie, now Remi, has a home. But it does not stop there.  I know and most of you know dogs talk but sometimes it is hard for humans to really understand. Remi went from being a stray for no one knows how long to Ark for a short time to now a real home.  That is a lot to digest even for a smart Lab. I checked on how she was doing and her new family said she is nervous, very nervous but settling in.  Both parents can pet her and she loves that.  The biscuits that were left at night were gone in the morning. I would say that is a good sign.  Even if she hid them it is still a good sign.  She has met other members of the family and things have gone well. There has been a tail wag in the morning and food eaten – Hurray!!  Remi now has a home at a lake and I can just imagine come warmer weather where she will be.  In the water, loving living the best life of a lab.

Not all stories turn out this well.  Some of Ark’s dogs stay a very long time.  The longer they stay the longer it is for them to make adjustments to yet again another home.  Ark is full.  No, Ark is over full – No, Ark is way way over full.  Please help the other Remi’s find homes quickly and think about fostering or adopting. 

Remi, I look forward to hearing much more about your new home and life.  Wiggles and wags to you!  I can see you swimming and swimming and swimming. My heart is full my poof is wagging, my eyes are squinting and I have a smile on my face.

The Paws and Claws bookstore with Jack at the desk on Thursdays is in need of volunteers any day.  The bookstore really helps Ark.  I have been there several times, met Jack, and I am amazed at the number of books and stuff there. If you have a few hours to spare, like people, like to talk, and like to help some, think about Paws and Claws.  It is a great place!

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine, and Lollipop

The Best Things in Life are Rescued! 

Buddy Feb. 19, 2024

Dear Friends,

I sure hope you are not in the dog house for forgetting that special day last week! I tried to remind you.  If you goofed maybe you can still do something for that special person like visit the rescue and come home with a new member of the family!

If you don’t do face book you may want to add these dates to your calendar so you don’t miss out.  Bark in the Park on April 27th at Pine Knob.  Bring your dog and have some fun on the trails with some goodies to eat as well. April 30th is a bran new adventure for Ark.  Be looking for news about some trips you can take and help out the rescue as well. Some new fun to enjoy!

My town mom’s niece sent her several stories she found on that Tic Tock. It is all I can do to type these stories so I don’t do that Tic thing.  This is what she sent.  A group of high school kids on a robtic team decided to help this pup who was born without front legs.  These kids designed a mobil unit for this pup named Roo so she could get around and go from room to room and go outside and be a real dog.  Not only that but they promised as the pup grew they would re-design this unit so she  could continue to be a normal dog.  She was adopted, now living a great life with the promise of further wheel chairs as she grows. How about that!

Another story: Dodger a black lab and a seeing eye dog for Rolan. They were stranded on the side of a road by a taxi cab driver.  Rolan tried to give instructions but the driver used his gps and it was wrong. He dropped both Rolan and Dodger about 3 blocks from his home.  Rolan was able to find his way home safely with the help of Dodger.  Dodger is a hero and the taxi cab company compensated Rolan and Dodger for the misunderstanding.

You want to know my dream?  That people will believe more in what we can do to help people.  There are tons of stories of how we help.  And know what, cats can help too.  And, I have even read stories where mini ponies help people as well.  You have a story?  I would love to hear it. 

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your fact.” Ben Williams. “we give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare.  And in return, dogs giveus their all.  It is the best deal man has ever made.” M. Facklam.

Have you been following our donations for a commercial washer and dryer for the shelter? I am excited to tell you we are over ½ way to the goal.  Guess what? You can still help.  Send your donation to Ark PO 95 Howe, In. 46746 and ear mark it washer/dryer. Maybe I can report very soon we have it all paid for!

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop - The best things in life are rescued.

Buddy Feb.12, 2024

Dear Friends,

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Just a reminder - in case you forgot – better find something for your special person and animal!  I have the best idea, adoption at Ark.

A friend sent this to my town mom and I think it is totally without question true.  Here goes: Dogs are never permitted in the house.  The dog stays outside in a specially built wooden compartment named, for a very good reason, the dog house.  Okay, the dog can enter the  house, but only for a short visit or if his own house is under renovation.  Okay, the dog can stay in the house on a permanent basis, provided his dog house can be sold in a yard sale to a rookie dog owner.  Inside the house, the dog is not allowed to run free and is confined to a comfortable but secure metal cage.  Okay, the cage becomes part of a two for one deal along with the dog house in the yard sale, and the dog can go wherever the heck he pleases.  Ok, the dog is never allowed on the furniture.  Okay, the dog can get on the old furniture but not the new furniture.  Okay, the dog can get up on the new furniture until it looks like the old furniture and then we will sell the whole bunch and buy new furniture…upon which the dog will most definitely not be allowed. 

Ok, the dog never sleeps on the bed. Period. Ok, the dog can sleep at the foot of the bed.  Okay, the dog can sleep alongside you, but he is not allowed under the covers.  Ok, the dog can sleep under the covers but not with his head on the pillows.  Ok, the dog can sleep alongside you under the covers with his head of the pillow but if he snores he must leave the room.  Ok, the dog can sleep and snore and have nightmares in bed, but he is not to come in and sleep on the couch in the TV room, where I am now sleeping.  That is just not fair.

The dog never gets listed on the census questionnaire as the “primary resident,” even if it is true.  

Are you smiling? Every dog should have it so good!

I am as happy as a clam. Don’t know what that means but here is why. I love to teach. I come from two moms who teach, well one is retired now but once a teacher always a teacher.  This is what I have taught Lollipop and I am excited.  This is what I witnessed: Lolli on her mom’s lap with her paws around her neck, well sort of they don’t go all the way around.  Her head was facing her mom. I watched closely – then it happened.  It tilted to the right and then to the left and then back to the right and so on.  This is the beginning.  I am sure her eyes were connected with her mom’s – I am sure they were talking without words.  I taught her that!  Next comes the tail.  That will not be hard as she kind of already does it.  Yea, me! Made me smile.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

The best things in life are rescued.

Buddy Feb. 5, 2024

Dear Friends,

As I talk with my mom and she puts it on paper, let me tell you the sun is going to shine, soon!  Well, at least that is what the news says. I am a sun guy.  You know how I love the pontoon and smelling all those delicious smells when we motor by.  One time we saw several deer cross in front of the pontoon.  They were swimming.  I didn’t know they could swim.  Guess it makes sense.  It was pretty cool, all the phones came out and watched.  Me?  I just watched, I don’t have a phone – at least not yet.

My town mom likes the deer and she makes sure they have some food.  I will have to tell you they are pretty and I enjoy watching them too.  They are pretty calm anymore when the three of us bombard them in the backyard on the side of the fence they can’t get to. I love watching their tails flip in the air and the way they bounce over the limbs in the woods.  Nature is great. There is one deer I heard my mom tell this story that has come for 3 years for food.  She has a bad leg and limps really bad.  I am thinking it is a good thing she gets some food and water.

You need to look at the calendar and make sure you understand that special day is coming up quickly.  Make sure you nudge who ever lives with you that it would be best if they did something on that day for their loved ones.  I am sure the three of us will get something special too. Hint hint.

You all know I try really hard to be positive.  Last weeks letter to all of you was kinda sad.  It had a good message but several have told me it made they cry.  My town mom told me that her grandma told her one time it is ok to cry it shows that you have a tender heart.  My town mom has a tender heart as she got word that her brothers golden is now with the family’s zillion pets and running around crazy, enjoying all the new stuff.  Lady was a rescue dog.  Had a real hard time adjusting to the good life.  After several years she finally decided the family was her very own and that she didn’t have to have any more pups.  I snuggled up to my town mom, and let her rub my ears and told her with my heart that it was ok, tender hearts are the best! Have a great time Lady.  I will see you one day, but not too soon.

Remember, Feb. 14th it would be best.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine, & Lollipop

The best things in life are rescued

Buddy Jan 29, 2024

Here is something I think you will enjoy.  Just so you know, it may be a tad sad at the end.

 “If you are afraid of having given me few caresses, you should know that I have not forgotten even one.  If you regret having scolded me even once, you should know that I don’t even remember it.  If you think you left me alone for too long, you should know that I always wait on you.  If you are afraid of having spent little time with me, you should know that I, even that little, have enjoyed every moment.  If you think you played little with me, you should know that I never counted the times you threw the ball for me.  If you think I forgot about your perfume, you should know that even now I am smelling it in the wind. 

If you want to be reborn in another life, you should know that I would like to be your puppy in that one too.  If you are convinced that you have some flaws, you should know that for me you have been the perfect one.  If you believe that love can have an end, you should know that in my heart the place of love is infinite.  If you think you have regrets about me, you should know that I would not change a single second of the life I have spent with you.  If you think I no longer hear your voice when you call me, just entrust the sunset breeze with the task of bringing me your words.  If you think jI can forget your face, you should know that I wanted to live alone to enjoy your look.  If you think I could have loved someone more than you, you should know that I have loved you more than myself.  If you think I would like a soft sofa, know that with you I would also have slept on the stones.

If you think I wanted more than you gave me, you should know that I always felt like the happiest puppy in the world.  If you have ever felt alone, you should know that I have never left my place next to you.  If you think my life has been short, you should know that I would not have wanted to live a minute longer if I had not spent it by your side.  If you are afraid that I am no longer near you, know that as soon as you close your eyes I will fall asleep next to you.  If you think you have not made the decision, you should know that I have always trusted you.  Always.” Author Emanuele Grandi

Wow, I think this is pretty good.  Kinda helps.  My town mom always says the best tribute to a pet you have lost is another pet.  Not a replacement, but an extension. 

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

Buddy January 22, 2024

Dear Friends,

Shut the front door and close the windows what in the world happen to my summer and sunshine bathing on the back deck?  Oh my goodness my poof almost froze the other day when we went walking.  Ohhh how I hate jackets and  that is what is about to happen.  I do not want to be called a sissy – I do you know, lift weights and people do call me a stud!  But, I don’t like to be cold either.

On the other paw, I remember one time while walking with the pups that I was a teacher.

  I spotted a wooly worm and I was able to teach those pups what his colors stood for.  They were not very interested in the facts but I went ahead with my vast knowledge. It was a brown and black guy and his black stripes were on the front and back.  If you recall, that means a rough beginning and rough ending to winter. I don’t think the pups totally understood, they were much more interested in eating the worm! They didn’t get to eat it as my town mom pulled them away just in time.  Speaking of eating I have never seen dogs find so much to eat while walking.  I heard my town mom say to a friend walking with us that the pups were blood hounds in a schnauzer body.  I laughed and trotted on my way minding my own business and finding my own smells. Maybe they could find a job smelling out stuff.  You know that happens and I am thinking they would be very good at it.  But, there would have to be food attached I am sure. If they found a job that would mean quieter times at least when they were working.  The other night I joined in during their Indy 500 moments.  They are crazy.  In the TV room, around the couch into the living room behind the couch, back in the TV room one waiting to pounce on the other.  Doesn’t stop there it goes on for 10-15 minutes.  I joined for about 5 minutes and then just watched them being crazy.  I will admit it is sort of fun watching them.

My town mom told me Ark is doing very well with their campaign for a new washer and dryer.  She said that Ark is about half way to the goal.  That tells me that there is still time for you to help every cat and dog every day for a very long time.  I also heard that the treat supply at the shelter is low.  Hummm, think you could help there as well?  I’ll wag my poof for you!

Some sad news.  Remember Zeke?  He wrote many stories about his adventures with his dad in the 18-wheeler.  All the places he got to go and the fact he was always with his dad and how he loved him and appreciated all he did for him.  Zeke is now with many others that are now running and jumping and having a great time with no worries and no health problems.  It is hard and I have heard my town mom say so many times, “it is the price of love.” Thank you Zeke for all your stories and for loving your dad.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends, Buddy, Sunshine, and Lollipop

The Best Things in Life are Rescued

Buddy January 15, 2024

Welcome cold and snow, guess we all knew it would get here.  I am so thankful for a warm home. Please if you have pets outside bring them in or at least see that their home is dry and that they have fresh water every day.  I’ll wiggle and wag for you!

We are well on our way for the new washer and dryer at the shelter.  My town mom told me that soon it will all happen.  All the dogs and cats every day will benefit from this.  Clean, dry beds and toys!  You can still help, there is still room for your donation to help every dog and every cat every day at Ark!  Can’t get any better than this.

You know how proud I am of my poof?  I love wagging it and making people smile.  When I make them smile it makes me smile and gives my heart that warm feeling.  I met a dog this past weekend that had no tail.  I could tell she was happy because when she tried to wag her whole bottom wiggled. Ha, that was a sight.  Her name is Luna, she is about a year old and I asked her what happed to her tail she said she never had one. She is a Corgi and said it doesn’t make any difference to her.  She liked my poof and asked me to wag it a couple of times for her.  I think this relationship might be a good one.  I have to laugh when I see Sunshine and Lollipop wag.  Their tails are not really tails.  Well, they are but they are short and stubby.  When Lolli wags her whole rear end shakes.  Makes me smile.  I sometimes wonder what she thinks when she sees my poof wag. 

I did a little survey on what my pals thought love was.  I was thinking in my life that love means – of course my two moms, food, trips to the vet, warm bed, special blankets, oh my I could go on and on.  Sunshine says: my mom’s lap, walks, playing with Lolli, dog door, those belly rubs and knowing that tomorrow will be the same.  Lollipop: my breakfast and supper, my special squirrel toy, the ramp to the bed, treats, snuggles.  Maybe your pal would like to share what they think love is.  That would be great.

Here are some things from dogs:  For me a house or an apartment becomes a home when you add one set of four legs, a happy tail, and indescribable measure of love that we call a dog.  Roger Caras.  Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him was his tail, Kinky Friedman.  No one can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog.  Gene Hill. If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.  Will Rogers  And finally, dogs come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  But their hearts are all the same…Full of love.

Your ‘fur-ever Friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

Buddy January 8, 2024

Dear Friends,

Buddy here. It is my anniversary!  No, I am not married but I call it my anniversary because it was about this time 14 years ago my life changed. If you have followed my stories, antics and crazy stuff then you may remember.  I always like to print my first story sort of like a flashback.  Here goes:

I was found in LaGrange during a very very cold freezing rain in January.  I had no collar, no tags, I was hungry, skinny and boy oh boy I knew luck was running out.  Then it happened, Karen the mail lady and two other gals coaxed me into a warm dry and lifesaving blanket.  I shivered but felt secure until we got to a house where my now town mom lives.  She warmed me up, gave me some food and water and a blanket of my very own in a room that was toasty warm.  She had 3 dogs of her own but they all accepted me.  She made some phone calls to try and find my owner, no luck.  She checked with vets, no one had ever seen me.  After a few days I thought I was home.  I thought I would just stay with my new friends.  I had a bed, food, friends, and a collar now, and what manners I knew about I put on the top shelf.  I had love, a lap, friends, security and food daily.  I had it made! 

Then my new mom said to me one morning, “I wonder my new friend (I didn’t have a name yet) if my friend would like to have you as hers.”  She called and asked.  The voice on the other end of the phone said, male or female?  Humm, I wasn’t quite sure what that meant.  My town mom said I am not sure as she knew her friend only liked female dogs.  She was trying real hard to find me a home.  Her friend came over and met me a few days later and I did the right thing, I jumped into her lap and gave her a kiss on the ear.  She petted me and asked me a few questions and I wagged what is now my trademark, my poof.  She needed to think about it. So I continued to stay where I had been staying for a few more days.  Then it happened, she came back picked me up and took me to a place I had never been before, a vet.  They looked me over poked here and there, took some blood from my leg and said I was about a year old. The problem?  I was a little boy.  But, I had done all the right things by this time to win my new lake mom into my heart.  My town mom knew I was a little boy and she also knew her friend would love me.  It was meant to be, and I was in love.

That was about 14 years ago.  So much has happened.  I have this column that I get to share all sorts of stories with you, I actually wrote a book called Buddy’s Buds and THE most important is I have a home, a collar, a chip and love.  In fact, I have two homes.  My lake mom and my town mom.  What more could a guy ask for?  I get all sorts of cards and people ask me all sorts of questions about how I write on the computer.  I have met so many totally cool friends at the Ark Animal Rescue and Adoption and Paws and Claws bookstore.  My life is awesome!  I get regular checkups at the vet and my best friends now Sunshine and Lollipop walk almost daily. 

I try and remind my readers how very important it is to have that collar, tag and chip.  I was oh so lucky that those three gals saw me and helped me that day or or or well I don’t want to think about the or.  I try and help the Ark and the Paws and Claws bookstore whenever I can.  I am glad you are my friend and read about my stories.  If you have a story or you know someone who does I am always looking for new friends.  I have had cat, bearded dragon, dog, pig, cow, wooly worms, geese, canary; well I guess I could say just about any type of story.  I am living the dream and I am loving it.  Check out Ark’s website, or the face book and Instagram.   May your New Year bring you un-expected smiles and moments of pure poof waging times.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


The best things in life are rescued

Buddy January 1, 2024

Dear 2024 Friends,

Welcome to 2024.  I suspect you may have some of those New Year’s – what do they call them?  Resolutions?  Me? Not so much. I tried some of them a while back but they just didn’t work out so well.  I am trying to talk Sunshine and Lollipop into making some, but they can’t even spell the word.  Maybe if I put it on paper and put it on the floor they will tear it up and it will stick with them.  What do you think? I think it is worth a try.

Listen to this story from Gia at the shelter that she told me. Buddy, I am the longest dog resident at Ark.  I have been there 267 days!  The staff love me and I do think I am one of their favorites.  I love car rides, treats and I am telling you I am a couch potato.  I have a great personality and I am about 7 years old. I weigh about 60 pounds and because I have been diagnosed with Cushing’s people think I don’t have any love and devotion to give.  Let me tell you that is NOT true.  I drink a little more than normal which means, well you probably know, I have to go potty more.  I don’t really care for cats and I am just a tad bit selective of my dog friends but I can tell you I still have love, I still want a home, and I would love to have a home to call my own. Are you looking for unconditional love?  I can give you that, I promise. Just give Ark a call at 260-463-4142 and let me prove to you I am a good gal.

My town mom found a couple of cute stories:  Here is one.  They told me… that my house smells like a dog… And I asked them… Do they know what a dog smells like?  A dog smells like Gratitude… Loyalty… Nobility… Honey… Pure and unconditional love and despite all they have suffered, they don’t smell a grudge… So… I feel blessed that my house smells like a dog.  Anonymous.

The number is 78.  Have any idea what that number means? It means that 78 of my friends are waiting for you to make a decision. You can foster or you can adopt, or you can do both.  Why don’t you think about making that number lower and changing the life of a shelter animal forever.  You want to make a difference in 24? This is a great way to begin.

Jack, my good friend at the Paws and Claws bookstore sent this to me and said it is just a good thing to remember. “Dogs don’t die, they curl up in our hearts and go to sleep.”

Sunny Lolli and I wish you a great 2024 and hope and trust you will foster, and adopt from Ark or tell all your friends to do the same.

Your “fur-ever” Friends,

Buddy, Sunny and Lolli

The Best things in life are rescued.

Buddy December 26, 2023

Dear Friends,

The days after Christmas are to me good because my lake mom has some extra time.  Then I heard her say to my town mom could Buddy stay a few days with you with his pj’s I am going to my brothers.  Well It isn’t like I don’t like staying with my town mom because I do that almost every day it is just I thought I would have my lake mom for some extra time.  I will be fine, get my spot on the couch and get my walks and of course get my laughs with Sunshine and Lollipop.

Speaking of laughs, think about this.  On the couch are blankets that are tucked into the seat and back for us dogs to lay on.  I heard my town mom calling Lollipop…Lollipop…Lollipop where are you as it was time for our walk.  Sunny and I were by the back door all ready and Lolli was no where to be seen.  My town mom began to hunt for all the ‘places’ she hides.  Finally she found her. Under one of the blankets and could not find her way out.  Oh my goodness, she laughed and laughed.  Lolli on the other hand was digging trying to find her way out.  I am thinking this might be a good way to keep her from the thing she loves to do, shred paper.

He is my dog.  He is my other eyes that can see about the clouds my other ears that hear about the winds.  He is the part of me that can reach out into sea. He has told me a thousand times over that I am his reason for being; by the way he rests against my leg; by the way he thumps his tail at my smallest smile; When I am wrong, he is delighted to forgive.  When I am angry, he clowns to make me smile. When I am happy, he is joy unbounded.  When I am a fool, he ignores it.  When I succeed, he brags. Without him, I am only another human.  With him, I am all-powerful.  He is loyalty itself.  He has taught me the meaning of devotion. With him, I know a secret comfort and a private peace.  He has brought me understanding where before I was ignorant.  His head on my knee can heal my human hurts. His presence by my side is protection against my fears of dark and unknown things.  He is my dog.

The washer and dryer that Ark is trying to raise money has room for some more donations.  They do 10-12 loads a day for the dogs and cats.  Everyone gets a clean bed every day.  Gosh, I don’t even get that!  Be part of a gift that will help all cats and all dogs every day for a very long time.  Send your donation to Ark PO 95, Howe, In. 46746 or use pay pal on the web.

Your Fur-ever friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Live – Laugh – Love – Wag – Foster – Adopt – NOW!

Buddy Dec. 18th, 2023

Dear Friends,

First and most important is Sunshine, Lollipop and I all wish you are faithful readers a great Christmas. Remember pets are part of the family so be sure to include them in goodies under the tree.  Might be good for those goodies to be the very last things you put under the tree.  You know how Lollipop and Sunshine are – shredders.  Remember too that all the extra goodies are not really good for us.  Keep our special treats around so you can give those to us and not people treats.

Linda who is the boss at Paws and Claws wanted me to let you know she needs your help.  Jack it seems doesn’t like to sort books or shelve books, all he wants to do is wag his tail and let people pet him.  Come to think of it that is not a bad job.  Linda, can I do that too?  Jack belongs to Linda, an Ark Rescue guy, you may remember the story he sent a few weeks ago.  Well enough of that, Linda needs help.  Some of our workers have gone south where it is warmer and that leaves the bookstore short.  Paws and Claws helps the shelter bunches.  Linda says you can work as much as you want.  Every day or just an hour one day.  The pay is great too.  You get to help ALL the dogs and cats at Ark.  Give Linda a call, 260-562-2100 and let her know you would be willing to help.  I have been there and its fun.  Just do it.

This is cool.  I mean this is really cool. What I am trying to tell you is this is awesome.  Ark got an email from a former doggie.  That email sparked several others.  I just gotta share them with you.  Remember they were all at one time a resident at the shelter.  I hope it warms your heart like it did ours.  Hello everyone at Ark.  Lucy, wanted   me to help her wish everyone at Ark a Merry Christmas.  She sends he good wishes and love.  We are happy she is part of our family… We just LOVE her. She is the best dog!  She loves to get treats, play with her beagle brothers and her toys, she loves to be with her family.  Thank you for everything you do and all your hard work helping to find homes for all the animals that pass through your doors.  Another: Merry Christmas from Mallory. She is an amazing addition to our family. She’s loving the spoiled life. Another:  Merry Christmas from Dozer and Diesel. They are extremely spoiled and think they are lap dogs.  We just adore them!  Another: Cooper came to us in November and she is the greatest little addition I could ask for, thanks for all you do at Ark.  Another: Simon, loves the country life. Another: Mojo, best dog ever… God bless you. Another: Squeak, the tripod kitty wants to chime in to thank Ark for saving him from certain death after he was found as a tiny kitten in a ditch with a crushed hind leg.  He is our dog Daisy’s best buddy.  Merry Christmas from Ava! Another: Luke, He is spoiled rotten and absolutely loves our 2 kids. Another: Juneau, she was clearly made herself at home! She loves chew toys, tearing up stuffed animals, and learning tricks.

Your ’fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine & Lollipop

Live – Laugh – Love – Wag - Foster – Adopt - NOW

Buddy December 11, 2023

Hi Friends,

Sunshine and Lollipop here for a moment.  Our mom had a friend stop by this week and she was having a hard time.  She share with our mom that she missed her dog of 15 years and that there was a bunch of stuff going on in her life that was making it hard for her to be happy.  We listened for a while and then we set into motion.  Sunny here was first.  I went up to her and sort of stayed by her leg and then I climbed the ramp we have that makes it easier to get into the chair.  Up I went and touched her leg.  She said come on over.  So, I did.  I sat there for a minute or two and then I did my magic.  I laid my head on her neck close to her head.  She petted and petted me and I snuggled and snuggled.  I stayed for a while then it was Lolli’s turn.  Lolli here.  I jumped into her lap and what I do best is turn over on my back so my tummy gets rubbed.  I got the best rubbing I have had in some time.  I enjoyed it and I am sure my mom’s friend enjoyed it too.  Sunny jumped up again and we both just sat there.  We sure enjoyed it.  Buddy got involved too but he waited until we were off her lap.  You know, we know when someone is hurting for whatever reason.  We just know.  It is our business to know and our responsibility to do the best we can.  I am sure if you are reading this you get it, you understand.  We sure wish others would understand too.

Buddy here.  I do not often talk about cats, but a friend sent this to my town mom.  Ark has a ton of cats and of course, some kittens.  Maybe you are thinking of adopting.  Maybe this will help you make that decision.  It is called “I adopted your cat today” I adopted your cat today…The one you left at the pound; The one you had for ten years and no longer wanted around.  I adopted you cat today…Did you know that he has lost weight. Did you know he is scared and depressed and seems to have lost all faith?  I adopted your cat today…He had fleas and a little cold; Guess you don’t care what shape he’s in – you abandoned him I am told.  I adopted your cat today…Were you having a baby or moving away? Did you suddenly develop allergies, or was there No reason he could not stay? I adopted your cat today…He does not play or even eat much; I guess he’s very sad inside and it’ll take time for him to trust. I adopted your cat today…And here is going to stay; He has found his FOREVER home and a warm bed in which to lay.  I adopted your cat today…And shall give him all that he will need –Patience, love and security. Author unknown.  Just some food for thought as I hear people say.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine, & Lollipop

Live – Laugh – Love – Wag – Foster – Adopt - NOW

Buddy Dec. 4, 2023

Dear Friends,

I must share first of all about a dear friend that really made this column a possibility.  My town mom went to the Publishing Company that she told me a very nervous interview with Bill.  She shared what she thought would be a good column for the readers, a positive, fun yet informative as well about animals and Ark.  She said she was very very uptight.  She talked to Bill, he read the potential column, leaned back in his chair, smiled, put his hands on his suspenders smiled and said “yes I think we can do this.”   That was 14 years ago.  Thank you Bill for allowing my town mom to share all my stories and needs for Ark.  You will be missed.  Hopefully the column will continue for a long time.  It is fun sharing all that I do and now those crazy shredders, Sunshine and Lollipop. I will one day sit on your lap and we can swap about all the stories. Thanks Bill.

A friend sent this and I think it is a great idea.  It is called a Reverse Advent Calendar.  Think about participating – you will help Ark and it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.

Here are the instructions:  Each day add an item to a box.  On Christmas Eve,(or any time) donate the items to Ark.  Dec !, A can of cat food. Dec 2, Bag of dog treats. Dec 3, Cat toy. Dec 4, Fleece blanket. Dec 5, Can of dog food. Dec 6, Tennis ball. Dec 7, Stuffed animal. Dec 8, Bag of cat food. Dec 9, Dog Collar. Dec 10, Jar of peanut butter. Dec. 11, Leash. Dec 12, Dawn dish soap. Dec 13, Small anima dish. Dec 14, Cat treats. Dec 15,A roll of paper towels. Dec 16, A bath towel. Dec 17, Dog bone. Dec 18, Dry dog food. Dec. 19, a spoon. Dec 20, disinfectant wipes. Dec 21, Can of kitten food. Dec 22, Can of puppy food. Dec.23, Butter knife (to spread PB into toys. Dec 24, A holiday card, Dec 25, Foster or adopt.

Please keep in mind during the Christmas season it is rough on pets sometimes.  The schedule of family activities is different, there are different people in their home and of course the food is different.  Be patient and try to involve your pet in all the activities but also give them space to ‘get away’ if they want.  I know sometimes I just want peace and quiet.

One last thing before I sign off, Ark is part of the empty shelters program during December. It is sponsored by Bissel.  Not sure what that is, but I am all for an empty shelter.  From Dec 1 through Dec.17 the adoption fee is being sponsored by Bissell Pet.  That means quite a savings.  Your cost to adopt a select dog (no pups and no dog just spayed or neutered) is $50.00 and a cat is by donation. If you are thinking of adopting you will not get a better opportunity than this. 

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Live – Learn – Laugh – Wag  – Foster – Adopt- NOW

Buddy Nov 27, 2023


I have been reading your column in the Lagrange newspaper, actually I can't read and it's read to me. I've noticed that you have 2 four-legged paper shredders in you town household. I just wanted to report that I'm doing my share to shred invoices and boxes in our household. I particularly like boxes. Whenever my Dad gets anything from eBay or Amazon, I'm not interested in the contents of the box, it's the box itself that I like. I have to explore and destroy the box to make sure there is nothing still in the box that may have been overlooked.

I have 4 boxes in the living room that are in various stages of destruction. One box has been there for quite a while, but it's a big box! It has taken me a long time to destroy it. Whenever we have someone come over to visit, the boxes have to be moved out of the living room. This I don't understand as I am quite proud of my work and I like to show it off! Oh well.

One of my missions is to save energy by shredding paper. If I shred the paper then my parents don't have to run the electric paper shredder. I'm trying to make our household as "green" as it can be. Makes sense to me. I don't like to shred newspaper because I don't like the taste. That newsprint is yuk. I specialize in junk mail and receipts when I do my shredding.

So hats off to Sunshine and Lollipop when it comes to shredding. They just have to be trained on the kind of paper to shred and not shred currency and tax returns. I'm sure that with your years of experience they will soon get the message.


Phoebe, paper and box shredder extraordinaire and a feline graduate of the Ark Animal Rescue facility

Phoebe, So glad this idea is catching on.  Just yesterday there was another opportunity given.  Great hearing from you.  Keep up the good work. What I don’t understand is why your boxes are removed when company comes.  Seems to me it would be a good conversation piece.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Live – Laugh – Love – Foster – Adopt - NOW

Buddy Nov. 20, 2023

Dear Friends,

A little different twist this week:  An actual conversation between the experienced and the young.

Buddy: “ Excuse me girls, what are you doing?”  Sunshine and Lolipop: “ Well you see there are these plants outside that our mom cut down and the stuff that is left is easy to pull and play with.”  Buddy:  “Not sure I would do that.”  S & L: “Why it is fun and it is easy and then we can take them into the house and chew on them.” Buddy: “you will see.

Buddy: “Now what are you doing?”  S&L: Well, you see there was this newspaper that was left on the floor and we got up in the night to use the doggie dog restroom and found it.  Oh what fun to see how many pieces we can get out of a newspaper flyer.  We didn’t count them but heard our mom say, “oh my goodness a zillion pieces you girls did.”  Ha we love to shred.  We have heard her say she is going to loan us out for anyone who needs to have paper shredded.  We are thinking that might be fun.” Buddy: “I told you that is not in your best interest!”

Buddy: “So we all go on a walk everyday.  I love walking and smelling all the new stuff.  We go about the same way each day but you would be amazed at all the different smells from the day before.  Our moms take the necessary equipment, like little bags to pick up stuff and of course, we are on a leash. Here is what happens on our walks.  You see, I am the senior member of this team and I know the stuff that is not good to eat because –well because I do.  The girls?  Not so much.  Here is what happens: I am wondering if they will ever learn. I hear, NO you do not need to eat that.  No, horse goodies are off limit.  No, pizza on the road not a needed staple.  No, cat goodies are not good for your tummy.  No, No, No, No, you are not a street sweeper.  I just smile at the street sweeper thing.  We go on our way and then to beat all if it has rained sometimes there are these little wiggly things in the drive way and the girls end the walk with trying to get them off the drive and into their tummy.  Do you think they will ever learn?  I wonder.  They are fun and I enjoy them and they greet me each morning when my lake mom drops me off.  Stay tuned as I am sure there will be more crazy things happening.

So, this is Thanks Giving week.  I am so thankful for so many things.  I have a warm home, people who love and protect me.  Make sure I have all my shots and of course feed me well.  My heart hurts for my pals at the shelter that are still waiting for their “human” to find them.  They are well cared for but nothing like a real home.  Maybe this is the time for you to consider adopting or fostering? 

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine, & Lollipop

Live – Learn – Laugh – Foster – Adopt - NOW

Buddy Nov. 13, 2023

Dear Friends,

Sunshine and Lollipop here.  We love the leaves.  So many smells, so different and each and every leaf is crazy with smells.  We love walking through them, hearing the crunch and scuffing up new and exciting things.  The other day we found a McDonalds paper.  You know what fun we had with that and guess what – there was a French fry left.  Not for long.  Also we found a tootsie roll and a piece of pizza. We heard that dreaded word, “NO” but too late it was gone.  We are faster than our mom.

Our mom had a beautiful pansy flower card on her table.  Somehow it was pushed to the floor.  Guess what.  We had a grand time trimming those pansies down to little tiny seeds.  She didn’t think so when she came home.  Ah yes we got the “good thing I love you” deal – again. 

We find it a little strange that our good friend Buddy just watches.  He shakes his head sometimes and says “you might want to think about what you are doing” but that doesn’t stop us.  We suspect some day we will grow up but not now.

Buddy here - The shelter is bursting with dogs and cats.  This is a great time to go visit and find that dog or cat or both that say to you, “I would love to go home with you.”  They talk you know.  You just have to know how to listen. Go and try it. You can volunteer and all those tails will wag and wag and wag.

Here is something I hope you fail.  It is called a pet test.  1. Your pet is allowed to sleep in your bed.  2. Your pet gets a Christmas gift. 3. You’ve refused to move if you pet is asleep on you. 4. You have cancelled plans because of your pet. 5. Your pet gets a birthday present. 6. Your pet is allowed to sit on the sofa. 7. You sign birthday and Christmas cards from your pet.  8. You say hello to your pet before anybody else. 

Needs at Ark?  Adoptions of course but also bleach.  Lots of laundry and dishes done daily.  Bleach would be appreciated.

Here are a couple of interesting things to think about:

When you find that people have failed you, turn to shelter pets.  People have failed them, too.  You can heal together.

All pets are therapy pets some are just working undercover.

Your ‘fur-ever friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Live – Laugh – Love – Foster – Adopt - NOW

Buddy Nov. 6, 2023

Dear Friends,

Lollipop and Sunshine here to begin.  Our mom went out the back door, gave us a treat didn’t tell us when she would be back.  We didn’t know how long she was going to be gone.  30 minutes or 30 days.  We didn’t think 30 days because there was no suitcase but there was a bucket.  We had never seen this before so we were a little worried. The car started and away she went.  Oh boy inside we went. Guess what we found? The Newspaper on the table – yep within our reach.  It was the paper with the huge article about Coach Knight. Well, that paper went into a zillion pieces.  No way to put it back together to read it again.  Our mom? Well, she wasn’t very happy when she came home as there was a little evidence on the back deck.  Yep when she walked in she said, “and this is the thanks for a biscuit I get?”  Well mom, you see it was temptation that got the best of us.  After all, we are the primo paper shredders.  She sort of laughed and picked up the papers. Then she said, “good think I love you.”  That was the key, we are A-OK.

Ok Buddy here, it is my turn now.  You all know how I feel about adoptions!  This is something that will help dogs and cats statewide!   Please read it and pass it on.  We are proud to partner with Indiana Coalition for Animal Welfare Professionals (ICAP) who is hosting a state-wide event Nov 5-11 called “Adopt a Hoosier Shelter Pet Week.”  They are working to bring public awareness to the fact that our Indiana shelter and rescue organizations are full and that we need our communities to step up to adopt, foster, volunteer and donate.

We will be having a special adoption fees, too!  Any adult dogs that have been with us longer than 60 days that would have a normal adoption fee of $150. Will now be $100.00 for this event.  Come Adopt!  If you can’t adopt come talk to us about fostering, volunteering or donating.  All are needed and appreciated!!

Ok, here are the nuts and bolts of the whole thing.  ALL of Ark’s dogs and cats when they leave Ark are fully vetted.  That is a whole bunch of money you save by going through the shelter.  Not only are they fully vetted but they come with extra special love and affection and tenderness knowing they are going to a home.  A real live home with people and quite time and food and treats and love and security.  A home.  Some have never had a home and all are very willing to try and become the very best dog with all the new people and rules and stuff.

Give it a try. Those dates again- Nov 5-11.  Call 260-463-4142. Want to help the rescue? Bleach, all sizes of dog collars and paper towels are high on the list.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Live –Laugh –Love- Foster – Adopt – NOW!

Buddy October 30, 2023

Buddy here – The number is 31. So What?  This is what.  It is the age of the oldest dog.  Bobi, a purebred Rafeiro do Alentego Portuguese dog holds this honor.  Actually I never heard of anything like this.  My town mom told me and showed me his picture.  He sort of looks like a brow Lab. They are actually a guard dog and normally only live about 12 years. So, what is his secret? 1He was a litter of four pups that the family decided not to keep.  Bobi hid in a wood pile until his new family found him.  He never knew what happened to his brothers and sisters.  He had a great life and actually ate human food that his owners soaked in water to wash away all seasoning before giving it to him.  31! Wow.  Bobi, I am sure you touched many lives – good job and wiggles and wags to you.

To all Rescued Dogs:  There’s no need to flinch when I lift my hand, No need to cower each time I stand.  No need to run when I come near.  No need to tremble – I see your fear.  You can sleep with both eyes shut, Don’t need to jump when you wake up.  Your food is yours to eat in peace.  No need to fight to keep your feast.  You don’t need to lie upon a hard floor.  The beds and sofas are yours to explore.  Don’t need to sit out in the rain.  The house is your shelter, your new domain.  I cannot erase the memories and fears.  I can’t compensate for the wasted years.  All I have is what you see.  But I give you it all and I give you me.  I give you these arms to comfort and hold.  I give you this voice for the joys you’ll be told.  I give you my heart and abundance of love.  I give you my soul and I hope its enough.  Author unknown.

The shelter is full!  Did you hear me?  The shelter is full.  Maybe it is time for you to consider changing the life of a shelter animal forever?

Lollipop here-

Oh what fun.  After Sunshine and my mom go to bed I go to the living room and find all sorts of friends.  Then guess what I do with them?  I share them with Sunshine and my mom.  There is Squirrel, Schnazie, Banana, Blue Worm, Pink Worm, Duck, Donkey, Scratch, Monkey, Dog, and oh my so many more.  When my mom wakes up in the morning she has a ton of friends with her in bed.  She laughs and tosses them on the floor and shakes her head and tells me I am “something else.”  I am not sure what that means, but I know by the tone of her voice she is not mad.  I like surprising her with my friends. 

Buddy here – I want to remind you that candy is not good for dogs.  Please be sure your candy is placed where his friends can’t reach it. Happy Halloween!

Your ‘fur-ever’ Friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Live – Laugh – Love – Adopt – Donate - Now

Buddy Oct 23,

Sunny and Lolli here.  Do you know how much fun it is following our mom in the  yard this time of year?  Well let us tell you it is totally fun.  She has been clipping some plants back for the winter and guess who loves to get in the middle of them?  Us!  They have big flat leaves and they are pretty light so we can snatch a bunch and take them all over the yard. She puts them in this wheel barrow and we are just tall enough to reach.  She finally said you girls are having too much fun, go at it. She is a pretty good mom when it come to this sort of thing.  However, digging is not one of our highlights with her.  We love to find where those pesky moles are in the yard and then dig for them.  We are not quite sure why she gets so upset as the holes are not very big.  I heard her say to a friend, the back yard is the dogs. 

Here is a story from a little while ago from Buddy’s Buds book.  Hope you enjoy it.

Hi, I have a very unusual name, it is Peepers P.  You are saying to yourself why in the world would anyone name a dog Peepers P.  Here is my story.  My mom got me when I was only 6 weeks old.  Her first dog for her very own!  Not knowing for sure what to name me she thought and thought and thought.  Her niece was visiting at the time and said to my mom, it seems like all she does is peep and sleep.  That was it, Peepers was born.  The “P” I never really did know why, I guess it just sounded good.  I was a very lucky girl.  My mom loved me very much.  I got to go everywhere with her.  I slept on her bed, sat on her lap, visited lots and lots of people with her and I would say I was treated as a queen.  I loved to go on walks with her and our neighbors were very special people as well.  I did some traveling with her as well and I remember how majestic the mountains were in Colorado.  When my mom went to work I went to to the neighbors for the day.  Here I was treated like a queen too.  Lots of rides and naps and goodies too.  In fact, I spent a lot of time with my neighbors, and they really loved me.  Marge my neighbor said I helped her husband Jack recover from open heart surgery.  I didn’t quite understand that, but I know Jack held me lots and rubbed my ears and tummy and I really liked that. My favorite thing to do was to be held in my mom’s arms like a little baby.  She would rub my tummy as long as I would lay there.  I really didn’t do anything that would win me medals except I just loved my mom and was totally devoted to making her happy.  I learned some tricks but one was unique.  I would jump right into my mom’s arms when she would pat her legs.  It was neat and people would smile.  I just liked to always be close to her.  My mom was sad when I left her side but I know she loves the dogs she has had since.  She was a good mom and I loved her.  I have heard her say many times she loves all her dogs but her very special one was me because I was her first.  I am glad we had one another.

Your ’fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Live – Laugh – Love – Adopt – Rescue - NOW

Buddy October 16, 2023

Dear Friends,

Sunshine and Lollipop here.  We are sort of new to this sort of thing.  Our paws sometimes get on the wrong keys so please forgive us if some of the words look a little strange.

We are about 2 years old now.  Mischief is our game plan and getting it done is our goal. This story however is not about our mischief but rather what someone one else did.  We have a big back yard that we share with Buddy and sometimes some other friends that come over.  It has a nice fence that we can see through and bark at our new neighbors and their beagle boys.  They just look at us like we are strange.  We have a dog door that is famous for its entrances with sticks and sometimes those little animals that our mom doesn’t like very well. Buddy is trying to teach us how to do these things.  We are thinking we are better off if he doesn’t succeed. 

So, back to our story.  Our mom was away so we had the whole house and the whole yard to run and play in.  Then we noticed the gate to the fence was open.  We didn’t open it, our mom had it secure so that would not happen.  We are still wondering who opened it.  What do you do when you see an open gate and you wonder what is on the other side?  You nailed it, you go through it.  We were in the back woods with tall grasses and stickers and funny smells and lots of limbs and sticks and stones to walk over and around.  We have to say it was fun.  You have heard Buddy say over and over and over, make sure you have your collar, tag and chip where they need to be, on you!  Well, we are not very good listeners.  We did not have our collars on.  Oh boy, if our mom had known we were loose this she would have been worried sick.

Our neighbors, the ones with the beagles saw that we were running loose behind their house so their kids tried to catch us.  Ha, you know about how that went. We thought they were playing.  It was fun to us.  Soon we discovered they were really trying to get us in the back yard again.  We ran around a little more darting here and darting there an soon we found ourselves in the back yard again.  The fence was closed and secure.  Our mom found out about all this and went to the store and bought some really secure stuff with something called a pad lock.  I am guessing our adventure in the back woods is done.  But you know what?  I am kind of glad as it was a little scary all by ourselves.  The collars?  They are on our necks. 

When we told Buddy about this he shook his head and told us we were very lucky to have good neighbors like that to help us find our yard again.  Buddy knows all about how lonesome it can be without a family.  He said he did not recommend it. We don’t either.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Sunshine, Lollipop and Buddy

Live – Laugh – Love – Rescue – Adopt - NOW

Buddy October 9, 2023

Well, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, zip-a-dee-ay my, oh my, what a wonderful day. Plenty of sunshine headin’ my way, Zip-a-de-d00-dah, zip-a-dee ay! How can you not smile and want to sing along?  It is an old song, but I love hearing my town mom sing it.  Now don’t let her know this - but she doesn’t have the greatest voice, but when she is singing it makes me feel happy because she is happy and of course my poof wags.  The rest of the song is good too, talks about blue birds flying and landing on your shoulder.  I am not sure my town mom knows all the song, but it is sure fun listening to her.

Remember Buddy’s Buds?  Here is a good story.  My name is sweetie.  I was talking to Barkus the other day and we were exchanging stories up here on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.  I was telling him about how the people at Ark Animal Rescue saved my life.

My story is a lot like that of other animals who have been helped by Ark.  It was a day when I was lost and scared – trying to find a safe place – and I came to a big, really big highway with cars and trucks going in both directions.  I ran as fast as I could to get across it and almost made it before something hit me.  It threw me down in a ditch.  I tried to

get up but I couldn’t.  Some nice person notified someone from Ark and I was picked up and taken to Dr. Susie.  She said both my front legs were broken, that I would have to have them both set and be in splints for a long time.  They said I was the sweetest little dog and named me Sweetie.  I didn’t like the splints but didn’t complain and soon I was up and walking around on them.  The nice people at the clinic tried to find the perfect home for me but none was quite good enough and soon it was decided that I would be part of their family.  I was really glad because I liked them a lot!  I could stay at the clinic or go

home with different members because I was happy anywhere.  I One night I dreamed I saw this beautiful bridge called the Rainbow Bridge with all different colors and on the other side were all my old friends.  They were throwing Frisbees for them so I ran over the bridge to join in and have been having the greatest time ever since.  My clinic family was sad when I didn’t wake up the next morning but I sent them a message from my heart telling them I was happy and young again and I know they got it.  I look down and see them taking care of other hurt and sick animals just like they took care of me.  Have to run now!  I looks like someone brought tennis balls!   Sweetie.

Sweetie, I can imagine you chasing tennis balls.  I am sure you are leading the pack!

Your ‘furever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine, and Lollipop

Live – Laugh – Love – Learn – Adopt - NOW

Buddy October 5, 2023

Dear Friends,

Responsibility, that is a hard word for me.  I had to have my town mom look it up.  Here is what she found. “a duty you are expected to do.”  This fits in with what I want to talk to you about today.  Nothing with Sunshine and Lollipop, this  is something to do with you.  Do you remember me talking to you last week about Parvo?  I sure hope you do.  This week I need to be a little gruff with you and what is happening.  Our Ark shelter is very small.  When a parvo dog or puppy come to us they need to be isolated.  It is very contagious!  When you have multiple at the same time it is crazy I mean crazy out there.  And, not only crazy but adds to the daily care of the shelter.  Parvo is very easy to get, but very easy to prevent as well.  One of our volunteers shared with me the following:  “I have fostered 100 dogs from Ark in the last couple years. I could tell you all their names but it would take the entire column. I have fosterd for other organizations as well.  Ark is my favorite for this reason, I know 100%, no questions asked that medial care is always the number one priority for the animals.  Even if the cost is above and beyond normal.  I’ve been to specialists in Grand Rapids, Blue Pearl, Nives and in the ER in Kalamazoo several times with dire emergencies.  Both time pretty much spent the night in the waiting rooms or results. This all comes as much as I hate with a cost.  But, I know Ark will do whatever it takes to keep medical care a priority.  If you are an animal person you  have seen the rising cost of everything, vet care is no exception. Are you aware of this however - $25.00 covers a microchip, bordetella vaccine 5 way vaccine to protect against parvo, deworming and food.  All of this for just about $25.00.” 

So, my dear readers where does that word responsibility fit here?  It is the owners responsibility to see these tests get done that their dog is healthy.  Ark picked up  off that all had Parvo.  It is not the pups fault, it is the owners. Now, I know not all owners are like this.  I am sure glad and they get a lick and a wag from me for being on top of this.  So as my town mom says be careful who you preach to.  I get that.  It breaks my heart because we all know how great pups are and we want them to all live a great life with their new owners. Please share this information and if I am preaching to you I am sorry but Parvo is really active right now in our area and it is costing the shelter extra money to try and get these dogs healthy again.  They are why we do what we do.

Some think of dogs and cats as just that a dog and a cat.  If you are reading this column you know very well they are NOT just a dog and a cat, they are family.  Thanks for helping spread the word.  A lick to you, a wag and of course my four legs.

Your friends,

Buddy, Sunshine, and Lolipop

Live – Laugh – Love –Adopt – NOW.

Buddy September 25, 2023

Dear Friends,

Parvo.  That is what I need to talk about today.  It isn’t anything that I have done that would be in the silly column.  It isn’t anything Sunshine and Lollipop have done either.  It is pretty serious and you need to know about it.

At the Ark shelter- and I know this – we have 6 puppies with parvo.  Six puppies that came as strays that are sick.  They all came from the same area of the County.  When the Ark shelter is already busting at the seams with dogs that have been picked up or dropped off for crazy reasons to get 6 pups with Parvo is a disaster. This is what happens at the shelter.  They have to be placed by themselves, as Parvo is very very contagious, and can be very life threatening. It takes a special person to clean the area the pups are in.  It takes special cleaner, and it takes much longer to do all this.  Also I need to say it cost more money.

Think about it, if Ark has 6 that have Parvo I am wondering how many more may have it and not even know it.  It is transferred by contact with a dogs deposits in the yard. Here are some signs you can look for.  And, of course you know how I feel about getting your beloved dog to the vet.

Look for these things: Bloody poop, vomiting fever, and generally not wanting to do anything like pups do.  There are two types of Parvo.  An intestinal and a cardiac type. Both are dangerous and the dog becomes dehydrated.  When this happens no nutrients get into the system and the dog just becomes weaker and weaker.  Then, do I need to tell you what happens?  I hope not.  There is no cure but there are shots you can get that prevent this.  It is called, ‘taking care of your dog.”  Pups are not the only dogs that can get Parvo.  As I said it is very contagious and any dog can get it, that is why those shots are so important!

I hope the word gets to the area where these pups were found and that the people will do the responsible thing and get a yard spray and clean up the yard so more dogs do not get it.  Please please just do this. I had my town mom looks this up.  You can get Rescue One-Step from Amazon it is for shelters and will kill the virus in the yard. It is about $60 for a gallon.

Lollipop here.  Buddy is teaching me  the squinty eye routine to get what I want.  Sunshine already knows how to do it.  Seems she gets more biscuits than me.  Could that be because I have what my mom calls a ‘fat little belly?’  I personally don’t think its fat, just well rounded.  I love it when my mom pats it.  I have the turn over on a dime, in an instant, for that belly rub.  Believe me, I do it often too.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine & Lollipop

Live – Laugh – Love – Rescue – Adopt - NOW

Buddy –Sunshine & Lollipop  September 18, 2023

Dear Friends,

Buddy here – I have to let you know now that Sunshine and Lollipop have entered the picture with stories.

You all know how much I love the pontoon.  The smells, the water sometimes splashing in my face and of course being with my lake mom helps too.  I have my own little bed right by her feet so I can keep an eye on her.   Most times when we dock (that is a new word for me.  It means being still in the water so people and I can swim) I get to go swimming with my lake mom.  She keeps a watchful eye on me and I swim and swim and then I go back on the pontoon and find my cozy bed.  This time however it was a bit of a surprise for me.  We docked, got into the water and I did what I do, swim and swim and then get put back on the pontoon.  I went to the edge again and my mom picked me up and let me swim some more.  I was really hot that day and I loved being cooled off.  She picked me up and put me back again on the pontoon.  She was near the pontoon swimming with friends but I could not see her.  I got a little worried that maybe a shark or something nibbled at her feet.  Up on the seat I went and I still could not see her.  So I jumped onto the back of the seat which meant I was a little higher.  I still could not see her.  By this time I just knew a shark got her.  So I did what any brave guy would do in search of the one he loves, I jumped into the water from the top of the seat.  I would say it was a 9 or 10 jump – I went all the way under I think it must have been 30 feet or more.  I paddled and paddled and finally got to the surface.  By this time my lake mom was really worried.  Would I come up?  Would I be hurt? Why in the world after all these years, about 10 or so, would I do something like this?  She sighed very hard when she saw my face.  I sputtered a little shook by head a little and back on the pontoon I went.  I was so worried and that is why I did it. I thought sure something was wrong with her and by golly I was going to come to the rescue.  I am thinking the life jacket I had when I was younger is coming out of the boat goodies and on me again. 

Lollipop here – My very first story.  I love paper.  All sorts of paper. Newspaper, paper towels, magazines, tissue, you get the drift.  My mom was busy at the computer and I needed her to s pay attention to me. She didn’t think so.  I saw an opportunity of a life time.  A roll of stamps just within my reach in her little box.  I grabbed them and oh my goodness what fun I had.  They are sticky you know.  Buddy watched and shook his head, Sunshine was sleeping.  I got the whole roll all over me.  I guess my mom was so busy on that crazy computer she didn’t notice.  I was a sight!  Stamps on my back, on my head, on my beard, on the top of my head, on my tail and even on my tummy.  When she saw she said she should have sent me in the mail someplace   She picked off the stamps, sort of laughed and loved me anyway.  More to come, believe me.

Your ’fur-ever’ friends, Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Live – Laugh – Love – Wag – Adopt - NOW

Buddy, Sunshine & Lollipop Sept.11, 2023

Dear Friends,

Buddy here – you may remember Buddy’s Buds book written by lots of my friends a while back.  Annie was one of those friends.  Here was her story. Hi, my name is Annie.  I am a 2&1/2 year old golden retriever who lives with a family in LaGrange. I came to Indiana from Colorado when I was just nine weeks old. I flew on an airplane all by myself-it was so scary!  After arriving in Indiana, I went to live with a breeder in Ligonier who named me Nella.  When I was old enough to be a mommy, I had a litter of golden-doodle puppies.  I loved my pups and it was sad to see them leave, but I knew they were going to good homes, just as I had.  My owner wanted me to have more puppies, but when I turned two years old in March, I didn’t pass my health check up at the veterinarian’s office. The vet discovered a problem with my eye called a cataract.  Cataracts can be passed down to puppies via genetics, I am told, so my breeding days were over.  In all other respects, though I was a healthy dog with a bright future!  My owner was very busy raising lots of other dogs.  I liked being around all the young pups, but I couldn’t breed anymore of my own. I needed to find a new home.

Meanwhile, the family in LaGrange had lost their beloved Murphy. It wasn’t long after that my mom and dad decided they needed another dog.  That became me! They looked at pups but when they saw me it was a sure thing I was coming home with them. That is what I did; I went home on ‘trial’ because they had some cats and a real obnoxious bird.   It didn’t take long, I was there to stay. I was so glad. My name was changed to Annie because my mom likes John Denver music. Now whenever someone calls “Annie!” I come running.  Well most times anyway. I love jumping into their arms and I have so much love in my heart and follow them wherever they go. I go to the lake sometimes and am learning to swim, but not by myself. I like floating on those things in the water and really like the pontoon.  Thanks for reading my story.  I am a very lucky dog - to have found such an amazing home, but there are many others out there like me who need help.  Adopt a dog like me or support Ark by adopting!  Annie.

Annie’s mom contacted me to tell me about Annie’s next adventure.  She lived for 13 ½ years. She like all of us are heart broken and wanted to let others know the importance of adoption and rescuing.  Annie loved going to Florida with Molly and together were great ambassadors for the cause of adopting and rescuing pets. Annie wanted people to know how she was loved and how she told everyone she met about the importance of adoption and rescuing about giving kisses and hugs and pets and of course wags. One more thing, she is pain free and running and jumping and loving every minute of her new adventure.

Annie you will be missed – for sure - but your mission lives on.  Thank you for your love and for all you told about Ark, rescuing, and adoption.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends, Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Live – Laugh – Love – Wag – Adopt - NOW

Buddy, Sunshine, Lollipop Sept 4, 2023

Dear Friends,

One of the great things about me writing each week are the people I meet that are new.  Just this past week my cousin in Virginia, yep the state of Virginia sent me a story that will make you eyes leak.  I feel pretty special that my stories go all the way to Virginia, Phoenix, and lots of other places as well.  Here is what she sent.

My name is Suri (short for survivor.) I was found wandering with little puppies, who everyone thought were mine, but they weren’t.  I was just trying to help them.  Sadly, some of them didn’t make it but three did and I was so glad.  People tried to catch me, but I was so scared and didn’t realize they wanted to help me, so I kept running.  Then I saw someone with another pup (kinda like me) and just got into their car.  I am now in a foster home where it is warm and I always have food.  I have two fur siblings who I am learning to play with.  I’m still kinda scared of anything new, so please be patient with me.  I’m about 3 years old and my peeps say I am a Lab mix.  I went to the doggy door and she told me that I was healthy and heart worm negative.  Everyone was so happy to hear that so I got excited too.  I got all my shots and a little chip thing so if I get lost again, someone will know how to get a hold of my person.  I’m spayed so I can’t have any more babies and that’s ok with me.  The little ones I was watching were a handful.  I love my foster mama and family but now it’s time for me to have my own person so I can I’m home!  I like fur siblings, but brothers are my favorite. I’m ok to be by myself, too.  Then I can enjoy all the attention.  I love my toys and I’m a good girl, just ask anyone.  If you want someone who will love you forever, I’m your gal!

Suri, I know you have a home now. I am so happy for you.  Let me give you a little advice.  Learn to wag real often, squint your eyes when you look at your new mom and dad, and always lay down by them so they can reach down from their chairs to give you a pat. If you want to get real fancy, learn how to shake and roll over. I have shared with Sunny and Lolli, don’t chew up newspapers, shoes, dollar bills, rugs, or anything left on the floor.  Learn this quick as it will be best for you.   Sunny and Lolli are still learning this! Let me know how it goes in your new home.  My poof is wagging for you.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Sunshine, Lollipop

Live – Laugh – Love –Wag - Adopt -NOW

Buddy August 28, 2023

Dear Friends,

Remember Sunshine and Lollipop are sort of helping me with the column.  So, sometimes it will be me talking to you and sometimes it will be Sunny and Lolli.

So, it goes I sure hope without saying, make sure your pet has fresh water and bedding if they have to be outside.  And, bring them in if you can.  I am lucky because both my town mom and my lake mom have air conditioning and believe you me my poof wags because I am glad.

Buddy here, a friend named Meadow.  She was a stray that came to Ark. A Heinz 57 however a very bubbly personality that gets along with other dogs and people.  She is about 8 months old.  She stopped eating at the shelter and the staff became very worried so they took her to the vet.  The vet could not determine what was wrong so back to the shelter she came.  She got worse and worse so the decision was made to take her to the ER vet.  Well, it is a good thing they did.  She had to have emergency surgery and they found she had eaten something and it was still inside her.  I don’t think I have to tell you that was very expensive for Ark.  Maybe if you could help that would be awesome.  Her bill was about $7,000.  I will try and keep you posted as to how she is doing.  Right now things look pretty good and she is resting at a foster home. You know we try and save them all!  Meadow, we are glad you are doing so well.

So this is Sunny and Lolli talking now.  We were walking like we do everyday and zam out of no where came this Boston Terrier.  We think he wanted to play but we are never quite sure.  He jumped and wiggled and jumped some more.  Our mom is pretty protective of us because a long time ago she had a dog that was attacked and she remembers this.  This Boston guy I think must have been hard of hearing.  His mom yelled and yelled at him and he paid no attention.  He just kept wanting to jump and run.  I thought we would never be able to finish our walk.  Our mom said to the Boston’s mom where is his collar?  Her response, I took it off.  Frustration hit our mom.  This dog followed us for about 6 blocks.   You know what is coming next?  Please keep your dog on a leash or under control.  Our mom says that is what the town requires.  Makes it so much easier for everyone and every dog.

Remember, behind every strong woman is a dog who follows her to the bathroom. And, all you need in life is a dog, and that one, and that one, and that one.  Maybe a cat or two.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friends.

Buddy, Sunshine and Lollipop

Live-Laugh-Love-Wag-Adopt- NOW

Buddy August 21, 2023

Dear Friends,

Sunshine and Lollipop here along with me.  We are learning how to face book.  We must admit it is a challenge. Our mom’s friend sent her this story and it made her eyes leak.  When she read it to us ours leaked too.  We think you will like it.  It was written by a gal named Mary Jane il. 

Our 14 –year-old dog Abbey died last month.  The day after she passed away my 4-year-old daughter Meredith was crying and talking about how much she missed Abbey.  She asked if we could write a letter to God so that when Abbey got to heaven, God would recognize her.  I told her that I thought we could, and she dictated these words.

Dear God, Will you please take care of my dog? She died yesterday and is with you in heaven.  I miss her very much.  I am happy that you let me have her as my dog even though she got sick.  I hope you will play with her.  She likes to swim and play with balls.  I am sending a picture of her so when you see her you will know that she is my dog.  I really miss her.  Love, Meredith.

We put the letter in an envelope with a picture of Abbey and Meredith and addressed it to God/Heaven.  We put our return address on it.  Then Meredith pasted several stamps on the front of the envelope because she said it would take lots of stamps to get the letter all the way to heaven.

That afternoon she dropped it into the letterbox at the post office.  A few days later, she asked if God had gotten the letter yet.  I told her that I thought He had.  Yesterday, there was a package wrapped in paper on our front porch addressed to Meredith in an unfamiliar hand.  Meredith opened it, inside was a book by Mr. Rogers called, “When a Pet Dies.” Taped to the inside front cover was the letter we had written to God in its opened envelope.  On the opposite page were the picture of Abbey and Meredith and this note:

Dear Meredith, Abbey arrived safely in heaven.  Having the picture was a big help and I recognized her right away.  Abbey isn’t sick anymore.  Her spirit is here with me just like it stays in your heart.  Abbey loved being your dog.  Since we don’t need our bodies in heaven, I don’t have any pockets to keep your picture in so I am sending it back to you in this little book for you to keep and have something to remember Abbey by.  Thank you for the beautiful letter and thank your mother for helping you write it and sending it to me.  What a wonderful mother you have.  I picked her especially for you.  I send my blessings every day and remember that I love you very much.  By the way, I’m easy to find.  I am wherever there is love.  Love, God.

Thanks to Meredith and Mary Jane.  What a great story.  Your ‘fur-ever’ friends,

Buddy, Lolli and Sunny

Live, Laugh, Love, Wag, Adopt, Now

Buddy August 14, 2023

Dear Friends,

Wow, we have been friends for a long time. If you began this journey with me, It has been almost 14 years.  We are not real sure how old I am because when I was found I didn’t have those things they call credentials. I guess you could say I did not have a birth certificate.  So it is a by guess and by golly sort of thing.

Having said all that and if you have followed me you know of all my antics. All of the awesome discoveries I have made and all the new friends I met along the way. My trips to the woods and oh such fun I had.  The new findings in my town moms house and then taking them to the back yard.  Oh, I could go on and on and on.  The new friends that have written me and told me of their adventures.  And I couldn’t forget to mention Buddy’s book.  All the kids that wrote stories about their pets and sent them to me.

This begins a new adventure for me.  I am not disappearing but I am handing the – people say the ‘torch’, dogs say the ‘bone’ over to Sunshine and Lollipop.  I will still be writing and sharing tons of fun things and tons of antics and I hope will bring tons of smiles and laughter to you.  Sunshine and Lollipop have youth on their side and are exploring, investigating, finding lots of stuff and new things to share.  I love watching them and I love the memories they bring back to me.  I also love watching them from the couch and saying to myself, “you might want to think over what you are about to do.”

So, this chapter closes for me and a new one begins.  My poof will continue to wag, my eyes will continue to squint, and I will love the lap and the couch. Let me remind you that all those stories were actual adventures for me and I loved every one of them.  I will love sharing the new ones created by S and L.  I will continue to sneak a surprise in now and then – just for fun.

So, let me begin with a short one.  When Sunshine and Lollipop came home, they were in a crate for safety.  I was already at my town mom’s.  The crate was set in the back yard and the door opened.  They were just little shavers, only 9 weeks old.  Out the door, they came and you know what I did?  Ha, I initiated the whole thing and lifted my leg.  I am the boss.  Yep, it is true.  Of course, they had no clue what was going on.  They were funny because I must have seen like a giant to them.  It did not take them long to discover my ears and my poof, which are still favorites of them.  I look forward to sharing of their lives with you and hope you will find a smile on your face from their adventure.

She shelter has “maxed out.”  So many dogs and cats.   NOW is the time to Adopt.  Just do it.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


Live, Laugh, Love, Wag, Adopt


Buddy August 7, 2023

Dear Friends,

There is a difference in my schedule. I can tell.  My lake mom is acting different.  I have learned this from watching for lots of years.  Soon to be here – that school thing she goes to.  I will get dropped off early in the morning and sometimes I have breakfast at home and sometimes I have breakfast with Sunshine and Lollipop.  It doesn’t matter to me except at Sunshine and Lollipop’s house I get a little chicken mixed in with my food. 

Sometimes it is good to refresh our owner’s minds about possible problems that may come to us dogs. If you find something unusual on your dog or cat like a lump or bump – please keep an eye on it and if it gets bigger, here are some warning signs of possible potential problems.  Any lumps, bumps or swellings that appear to increase in size. A sore that does not heal.  Weight loss. Loss of appetite.  Unexplained bleeding or discharge from anybody opening.  Stinky odor.  Difficulty eating or swallowing.  Hesitation to exercise.   Stiffness. Difficulty breathing, urinating or doing the ‘other’.  Vets will tell you  that cancer is the leading cause of death in animals. They say that almost half of the deaths occur in dogs over 10 years of age.  Thanks to early detection now the rate for survival is better.  Dogs get much the same kinds of cancers that people get.  So as with humans, early detection is very important. We don’t like to talk about things like this, but help your dog and help yourself by making sure of yearly physical exams.  Don’t put off something that may lead to an un-happy time. Whew, glad that is over.

I always like to remind people when they see those big yellow things on the highway and in town that it means there are kids around or in them.  Please be careful and don’t forget that the sign on the side of them that says stop that it really means stop.

Sunshine and Lollipops niece found a bunny in their yard.  It was what she called a domestic one.  I think that means it had a home and was let go.  It took her several days before that bunny would come near.  She fed and talked to him and finally she was able to catch him.  Off to a special Dr. they went.  Had to do some teeth work done. The vet told her she got to the bunny just in time. We all know what that means.  He has a new home and a new name, Dark Chocolate is now with a family of loved cats and has a new diet and family and loving every minute. She said he won the pet parent lottery.

Quote of the week:  I used to look at my dog and think “if you were a little smarter you could tell me what you were thinking,” and he’d look at me like he was saying “if you were a little smarter, I wouldn’t have to.”  Fred Jungclaus

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


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Buddy July 31, 2023
Dear Friends,
It is almost August and you know what that means? Crazy schedules again, early morning
wake ups, and not much time on my pontoon. School. I wonder how many more years my
lake mom will have to go to school. Ha, I finished school long before this. All I had to learn was
sit, stay, come, don’t bite, stay away from strange dogs, and tail wagging. They threw in
smiling too for free. That is what really gets people, when I smile. I love it.
Bingo! Have you heard of it? I have heard people say it before and some pets even have it as
their name and I think there is even a song about it - but this is something different. The
traditional Ark animal fundraiser is a bingo night. Food yep but also bingo playing. I have
never played bingo but I hope I am going to be there and I hope I get to play. Put September
20th on your calendar and let’s play a few games together. Tickets available at the Paws and
Claws bookstore, Ark animal rescue and adoption or any board member. Get yours soon as
they are limited. I wonder if I will win a prize?
Would you like to help Ark but just have too many pets now? You can help by being sponsor.
It is a cool idea. You get to help a pet and get something called advertising for you or your
business. It helps Ark, helps you and I call that a win win. Call Lisa at 269-312-0875 to help.
I was in deep deep trouble a few days ago. You probably guessed it, I took off. I heard my
town mom calling B-U-D-D-Y – B-U-D-D-Y -- over and over. I heard her get closer to me and
then I heard her get farther away, I just plain didn’t want to hear her. An hour later, yes a
whole hour I decided to head back. When I saw her tears running down her face I knew I had
really scared her. She picked me up, scolded me but then I got a kiss on the head too.
However, that doesn’t end it I am now on a leash. I know that I really scared her. I am not
sure how long I will be on a leash and I guess I really deserve it. I will be patient and I will try
and come when called. Really, I will.
Ark can always use treats for the dogs and cats. If you would like to donate that would be
awesome. My pals at Ark get a couple of treats a day. You can order from Amazon or Chewy
and they will bring it right to the door at Ark. I think that is pretty cool. You can also bring
them out to the rescue.
Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,
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Buddy July 24, 2023

Dear Friends,

You may not know this but I am getting pretty good at finding stories on my town mom’s phone.  When she lays it down and goes outside to do lawn stuff I find it.  This is what I found this week. 

They always seemed to pass me by; I never knew the reason why.  All my friends had found a home, and only I remained alone.  But finally -  somebody came, and spoke to me with gentle tone.  I hardly dared believe it true, into my human’s arms I flew.  Our first embrace – my heart beat fast.  A family of my own at last!  And when tonight I rest my head, in my new warm and cozy bed a prayer I’ll send, high up above, “may all the shelter pups find love.” Author unknown.

This makes me think of my pals at the shelter.  You know, I sometimes find my mom’s, (you know I have two.  A town and a lake one.)  I find each looking into my eyes.  I wonder sometimes what they are thinking.  They look and look and then I know I just know what is going on in their minds.  If they would speak it would be, Buddy, I love you.  Sometimes I look into their eyes too.  I try to do it when they don’t realize what is going on.  I am kind of slick that way.  Anyway when I look into their eyes I am saying the same thing.  I love you.  Shelter dogs have the same ability.  Give them a chance to look into your eyes.  They will say things like: give me a chance I will try very hard to be good. Or someone just let me go when they moved, I don’t know what I did wrong, give me a chance.  And then there is the shelter dog that says, I was miss treated but I will try very hard to love you without any strings attached.  One of my friend said one time that the family that took him from the shelter brought him back in just a few days.  It takes my pals longer than just a few days to learn the rules and make those adjustments to a new home. 

I talked to Rabeca at the shelter this week.  She is the boss and she said they are packed.  Lots of good guys and gals just roaming the streets that get rescued.  I would have to think at one time they had a home. Maybe not a very good home and that is why they are roaming.  Please if you are thinking, it is time for a dog check out the shelter.  Look into the eyes of the dogs there and let them see you.  Remember it takes time, as they all come from who knows what kind of background.  Let them love you and you them.  It is a win win deal for all.

Your ‘fur-ever’ pal,


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Buddy, July 17, 2023          Dear Friends,

My jammies are packed along with my toothbrush and of course my identification and off to Sunshine and Lollypop’s house for a few days.  My lake mom off to a friend’s home and who knows all the places they will go.  I have a special bed at Sunny’s and Lolly’s and those crazy girls pick on me something fierce.  They pull and tug at my ears.  I am so very glad they leave my poof alone.  I get to go for walks with them and of course I get a biscuit when they get one too.  I am glad my ears have extra fir on them because if they didn’t I wouldn’t have any left. 

The new t-shirt design at the Paws and Claws bookstore is out and you can see it when you go there.  It is really cool and different from all the other designs we have had.  The gal that designed it has a dog and a cat and I would bet that helped her design the shirt.  Check it out.  I’m going to ask why the bookstore doesn’t get dog shirts because I would love to have one like this.

My mom’s friend sent this to her.  It has been around before but maybe you missed it the first time.  It is about dogs and well, you will enjoy it I am sure.

Dogs are never permitted in the house.  The dog stays outside in a specially build wooden compartment named for a very good reason, the dog house.  Okay, the dog can enter the house but only for short visits or if his own house is under renovation.  Okay, the dog can stay in the house on a permanent basis, provided his dog house can be sold in a yard sale to a rookie dog owner. 

Inside the house, the dog is not allowed to run free and is confined to a comfortable but secure metal cage.  Okay, the cage becomes part of a two for one deal along with the dog house in the yard sale, and the dog can go wherever the heck he pleases. 

The dog is never allowed on the furniture.  Okay, the dog can get on the old furniture but not the new furniture.  Okay, the dog can get up on the new furniture until it looks like the old furniture and then we’ll sell the whole bunch and buy new furniture.  Upon which the dog will most definitely not be allowed.

The dog never sleeps on the bed. Period. Okay, the dog can sleep at the foot of the bed.  Okay, the dog can sleep alongside you, but he is not allowed under the covers.  Okay, the dog can sleep under the covers but not with his head on the pillow.  Okay, the dog can sleep alongside you under the covers with his head on the pillow, but if he snores he’s got to leave the room. Okay, the dog can sleep and snore and have nightmares in bed, but he’s not to come in and sleep on the couch in the TV room, where I’m now sleeping.  That’s just not fair. 

The dog never gets listed on the census questionnaire as “primary resident.” Even if it’s true.  Author unknown.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend, Buddy

Live – Laugh – Love – Wag – Adopt.

Buddy, July 10, 2023

So, have you ever given any thought to bunnies?  I have. In fact I have to be honest I have in the past chased them.  I found in the back yard one time a nest of bunnies.  I was young and really didn’t know what to do with them.  I sort of wondered why any mom would make a next in the back yard where there were several of us dogs running around.  I never found the answer to this. Let me go on.  So I was walking with Sunshine and Lollipop  and my town mom and we saw bunnies.  I mean there were bunnies everywhere, all over the place.  They were hopping around chasing one another.  There were some that were sitting real still.  The ones that were sitting real still were really hard to see.  In fact the only way I really saw them was when they ran.  That white tail, their ‘bunny poof’ was so white it stuck out like one of my friends the pigs in my living room.  That got me to thinking, why do bunnies have white tails? They blend in so well it is really hard to see them unless you look very very carefully. I asked my town mom and she didn’t know.  I thought that was strange but she said she would look it up on something called Google.  She did and then she told me this.  Bunnies have white tails to help them escape from something chasing them.  I said that makes no sense.  She said, Buddy, you watch bunnies the next time you are outside.  They dart this way and that way, they are she said, quick like a bunny.  Their white tails are what is seen by something that is trying to catch them but by the time they get there that bunny has darted a different way. And it goes on and on and on.  Ha, I said quick like a bunny.  I like that. Watch them the next time.  Bunny poofs sort of like my poof, but mine is not white. 

So very hot this past week.  Exercise is good for everyone but when it is very hot it is hard on us dogs.  Our feet get very hot and if we have a bunch of fir – whew.  Walking later and taking some water along is a good idea.  My town mom takes water with her and she chooses a route that is mostly in the shade.  I appreciate that.  Remember if it is hot for you it is very hot for us.  Another reminder to make sure fresh water every day is placed not only inside but outside as well.  Just think about you having to stay outside all the time. 

Take time to wag your poof, it will make people smile and wonder about you.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


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Buddy July 3, 2023

Dear Friends,

Well I heard way too many ca-booms, sizzles, and big booms.  I totally get celebrating, but way too much noise for me.  If you took some bags of food or treat to Ark a wiggle and wag to you!

My town mom found some good things on face book this week.  Just some things for you to think about.

A lesson on Love:  My dog and I do not speak the same language.  Yet every day, she tells me:  I trust you to know when I need to go for a walk. I will let you hold me when you need to and I will ask you for love when I need it.  On the days you are sick, I will lie beside you.  I will look for you in rooms when you are not here, and I will greet you with so much joy when you come home.  I will guard you when you sleep.  I I will way my tail and let you know that everything will be okay on your bad days, and I know that you will do the same on mine.  And from this I learn that my dog and I actually do speak the same language.  After all, the universe is a kindly ancient thing.  It gave love as a mother tongue to every being.  Kikita Gill.

Here is another.  A dog’s last will and testament:  Before humans die they write their last will and testament, give all they have to those they leave behind.  If, with my paws, I could do the same, this is what I’d ask…  To a poor and lonely stray I’d give my happy home, my bowl and cozy bed, soft pillow and all my tops; the lap, which I loved so much; the hand that stroked my fur; and the sweet voice that spoke my name. I’d will to the scared shelter dog the place I had in my human’s loving heart, of which there seemed no bounds. So, when I die, please do not say “I will ever have a pet again, for the loss and pain is more than I can stand.:  Instead go find an unloved go, one whose life has held no joy or hope, and give my place to him.  This is the only thing I can give…  The love I left behind.  Author unknown.

Let me share something about sniffing.  When we go on walks, which I really love to do, we don’t go for speed or distance.  We go to sniff. We can walk the same path 100 times and smell something different.  I did a little research and sniffing is actually a calming, mentally engaging and therapeutic (I had trouble with this one) time for us.  It helps us relax.  So, the next time you go for a walk with your fur friend remember it is for them, not you.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend


Live – Laugh – Love – Wag - Adopt 

Buddy June 26, 2023

Dear Friends,

Boom – sizzle – caboom – zzzzzzzzzzzzz- bang – big caboom.  On it goes and oh how it hurts my ears and makes me very nervous.  What about this:  In place of those crazy fireworks buy some food for the shelter!  I hide in the bathroom with the radio on full blast and I still can hear them.  I know it is the 4th of July and we celebrate that day but what a celebration it would be for my pals at the shelter if they didn’t have to hear all those noises and would get food in place of the noise.  Do you know more dogs and cats run away from home during the time all those crackers are going off.  I know they are pretty, but….

You may want to reserve July 1st to do your shopping at Millers Super Value.  Ark will be there with BBQ ribs for sale and also sacking groceries.  Great way to meet some new people and to help support the rescue. I will not be there in person but wish all the best.

We have talked about names before and how important they are.  Take mine for example, it is Buddy but sometimes I am called Budsy and Butter.  Then there are those times when the sound of my lake moms voice is BUDDY!  That most likely means I am in trouble.  I am not sure what my name was before I was rescued but I like the name Buddy.  When you get a new pet it is best to get to know them first.  Sometimes they have a way of naming themselves.  Best to make the name short.  For example Sunshine and Lollipop are sort of long, but are called Sunny and Lolli.  There is a story behind those names I know.  Make a list of all your favorite names maybe from TV or the movies and one of them might just fit.  Try to stay away from bad words, it is just best to do that. The top name right now for both dogs and cats is Luna.  I am not sure where this came from and I am glad my name is Buddy.

I am not sure if you know this, but all of my pals at Ark require some type of medical help when they arrive at Ark..  Some more than others.  The veterinarians we work with (bless them all) give Ark a discount but the cost is crazy high.  Our total costs this past year just for vet services for dogs and cats totaled $43,582.25.  This does not include food, treats and toys or supplies needed to run a shelter.  All our animals leave the rescue fully vetted.  I only tell you this to let you know how important donations are to Ark.  My friends on the board work very hard to raise money and it is so important to my pals.  It is important for me to thank you too.  There are many wiggles and wags of my poof when you help.  Thank you.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


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Buddy June 19, 2023

Dear Friends,

Sometimes my town mom finds neat things on face book and tells me about them.  This week she found this posted.  If you did not see it, now is your chance.  It is called “Bonded.”

I am the dog that is under your feet, one pace behind you when you’re up from your seat.  I am the chap that stands on the rug you are trying to straighten, yes, I am that dog.  I am the pup that will walk on your chest when you’re blissfully napping, free of all stress.  I am the child that takes twenty minutes to poo for it must be quite perfect when your mum’s frozen.  I am the boy that makes smells when we snuggle, whose booty always gets me in trouble.  So perfect a Mummy is why I’m devoted to you. I love you to the moon and back.  Ahhhhh.

Have you seen the new sign at the Paws and Claws bookstore?  Wow it really looks nice and now everyone who drives by will know for sure what is in that store.  Thanks Heidi, I think you did a great job and I know all my pals at the shelter will be happy too.  Not everyone knows that the profits from Paws and Claws go to help the shelter animals.  My town mom told me that  because of the bookstore my friends are more comfortable and last year they got new dog doors.  The shelter is not a place anyone of my friends want to be.  On the other hand most of who are there are better cared for than where they were.  They get first rate treatment.  I laugh because I have heard my town mom say they have everything but the TV clicker – and a home.  Thanks for taking your books you no longer need and donating them to the bookstore. And, thank you to all the volunteers that help too. Wiggle waggle to all of you!

We are in summer mode now.  That tells me I need to remind you to make sure your pal has fresh water every day and that if they must stay outside, make sure their bed is clean too.  Remember when it is hot for you to walk it is even hotter for your dog on the pavement.  And, of course the car…It can get very hot very quickly.  Not a place for a dog in the summer.  If your mom or dad have the air on and you are in the car that is ok, I am talking about a parked car.  Never!

Let me talk to you about ticks too.  This is something that is bad and can cause really bad things to happen.  I have a special collar on but that doesn’t always mean I will never get a tick.  My town mom goes over not only me but Sunshine and Lollypop everyday to check.  It only takes a minute and it makes me feel good that she knows how important it is to do.  Check you pal every day.

Your ’fur-ever’ friend,


Love – Laugh – Live – Wag - Adopt

Buddy June 12, 2023

Dear Friends,

I ran across something that I think I should share with you this week.  You all know I like to wag my poof.  Well, here are wiggles, wags and purrs to all of you who are animal people and read this column.

Who; love us… Keep us current on our shots and vet visits… Make sure our outdoor beds are clean and dry… Walk and exercise us… Keep our toe nails trimmed… Take blankets, cushions, dishes, collars, towels, food, treats to Ark shelter… Keep our water dishes clean and fresh… Spay and neuter us… Take us to nursing homes or rehabilitation homes for visits… Keep us clean and groomed… Help us with flea and tick prevention… Carry pick up bags for us when walking… Take us for yearly dental cleanings… Serve us good nutritional food… Chip us…Keep us on heartworm preventative… Foster our friends… Pick up our dumped friends who are cold and scared… Offer to stay with us when our owners go on vacation… Kindly correct us when we are wrongs… Comfort us in thunderstorms and the 4thof July… Give us safe toys… Keep poison plants away from us… Watch where fertilizer and anti-freeze is kept so we can’t get into it… Take us with you when you move… Teach pet safety to the children in the house…Teach pet etiquette to family members… Help Ark survive with donations… And, let md snuggle with our favorite people. 

10 things I would like to tell you.  1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years.  Any time away from you will be painful. Remember that before you get me.  2. Give me time to understand what you want me to do.  3. Put your trust in me – It makes me feel secure. 4. Do not be angry with me for long, as it seems like years to me. 5. You have your work and friends; I have only you. 6. Talk to me.  I understand more than what you think.  7. Remember my memory is good and I will remember how you treat me. 8. I have good strong teeth so remember before you hit me I could really hurt you but my choice is to not as I love you.

9. Before you discipline me remember there may be something going on that you don’t know.  I may not be getting the right food, or my teeth hurt or I may be ageing. 10. Please take care of me when I get old.  Go with me on those hard journeys.  Everything is easier if you are by my side.  Remember I have love you unconditionally and I always will.  

Have a great week and thanks for being my friend.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


Live – Laugh – Love – Wag - Adopt

Buddy June 6, 2023

Howdy!  As soon as I hit send last week I remembered the story about the ground hog. It is a good memory – for me.  I was in the back yard at my town moms and was barking and barking at this ground hog.  He wasn’t paying any attention to me and was doing his own thing.  I waited in the shade and then he appeared on the other side of the fence.  Well, you know what I did.  I could not resist.  I took off after him and he didn’t see me coming.  I caught him.  The next part you don’t want to hear. But the next part is good. I went through the dog door and my town mom was sitting and saw me come in.  She jumped up and I have to say pretty fast and said to me “Buddy what on earth do you have?”  Well, I couldn’t talk very well because my mouth was full.  I was pretty proud.  I wagged my poof and took off down the hall to her bedroom.  She was right after me.  My friend Gertie was still part of the picture at that time and she had her nose in the whole activity too.  I jumped up on the bed, yes with my mouth full and Gertie my sidekick right there too.  I heard my mom say “oh my goodness what if this thing is still alive.”  Alive? ha, no way, I did my job well! She made me drop it and then she picked it up quickly and down the hall and out the door she went even quicker.  We followed very closely wondering what she was going to do.  She disappeared for a moment and I heard a clink from the garage and when she returned my prized possession was gone.  Not sure I agreed with her then and I still don’t agree with her today.   Funny how a prized slice of life and adventure  isn’t the same for everyone.

This past weekend was a special time.  It was a time where we honor our veterans.  There are many stories of dogs helping during the past wars. It does my heart good when I hear of my canine friends helping during rough and hard times.  We can do so much more than what most people think.  We have talked before about all the things dogs can do. The best?  Well the best is giving that special kind of love.  Wanting nothing back, just loving you.

People in 2020 – “This is the worst year in the history of our lives.”  Dogs in 2020: “what a time to be alive! Every single one of my humans is home ALL day EVERY day!  Taking me on walks.  Lounging around on the couch.  About time humans came to their senses and adopted our way of life.”

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


Live -Love – Laugh – Wag - Adopt

Buddy May 29, 2023

Dear Friends,

We have been friends for a long time.  I am thinking about 12 years.  As I was thinking about that I began to remember some of the stories.  I asked my town mom what she thought about some of those.  She said to me, “Buddy are you reminiscing?” I said I have no clue what that is but I began to talk to her about some of the stories.  Here it goes.  The woods, ahh my favorite place next to the pontoon to be.  I was just a young guy then and I remember bringing up a deer leg.  It wasn’t the whole leg but it was big enough I had to really work to get it up the hill.  I thought maybe I would be in trouble but nope, all I heard was how in the world did you bring that up the hill.  I smiled and wagged my poof.

Then there were the pigs.  They were my friends.  Little did I know they could have really hurt me.  I went up to them, smelled them, and wagged my poof.  All they did was snort.  A little later on I thought it would be fun to chase them. Not so much those big ones but the little ones really scrambled.  My town mom did not think that was funny. I had them all named. Wiggles, Curlie, Chop and Hammie.

Then there were those animals that had those dark circles around their eyes.  There were 3 little ones and a big one.  I scrambled after them and up the tree they went. I am thinking my the sound of my town mom’s voice it was a good thing they did.

The wooley worms.  In the fall, I could see many of them.  They tell us what kind of winter it is going to be.  I learned much from them.  They do not taste very well and sometimes it is hard to tell if it is their head or tail.

The pontoon rides, the wind blowing my ears.  The swimming with a life jacket of course.  In the summer, this is my favorite thing to do.  I love being with my lake mom.  She is happy when she is on the pontoon and that makes me happy.

The trips to the schools. Kids are funny.  They all want to pet me and I like that.  I would do my favorite trick and they would laugh.  I love teaching them the right way to treat animals.

Last on a long list is the day I was found. Cold, freezing cold and then swooped up in a blanket and taken to a warm home.  Fed, loved, accepted and adopted. This will always remain on top.  My life was changed and it is a good life.

Take your memories and let them feed your heart – it is a win win.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


Live – Love – Laugh – Wag – Adopt

Buddy May 22, 2023

Dear Friends,

Whew, a close call this week.  A big dog jumped the fence and decided to visit a very small dog.  When Trixie was telling me about the visit, it was not what she would call a social call.  It was a very very scary time for Trixie.  Her mom had to pick her up as the big dog was coming right towards her.  When I was walking today Trixie’s mom told me all about it.  It is the same path Sunshine, Lollipop and I take.  My town mom decided to take a different route. 

This is the thing, it is against LaGrange County rules to have a dog running loose without proper watch.  A dog must be on a leash or under control.  I am so glad Trixie and her mom were not hurt!  Please if you know someone whose dog is running loose let them know it is against the law.  There have been several times we have had to change our route for walking just to avoid a dog running loose. 

My town mom saw this on her phone and thought maybe you might enjoy it too.  It is called ‘When I am old.’  I will wear soft gray sweatshirts… and a bandana over my silver hair… and I will spend my social security checks on my dogs.  I will sit in my house on my well-worn chair and listen to my dogs breathing.  I will sneak out in the middle of a warm summer night and take my dogs for a run, if my old bones will allow… When people come to call, I will smile and nod as I show them my dogs… and talk of them and about them… the ones so beloved of the past and the ones so beloved of today… I will still work hard cleaning after them, mopping and feeding them and whispering their names in a soft loving way.  I will wear the gleaming sweat on my throat, like a jewel, and I will be an embarrassment to all… especially my family… who have not yet found the peace in being free to have dogs as your best friends… these friends who always wait, at any hour, for your footfall… and eagerly jump to their feet out of a sound sleep, to greet you as if you are a God, with warm eyes full of adoring love and hope that you will always stay.  I’ll hug their big strong necks… I’ll kiss their dear sweet heads… and whisper in their very special company… I look in the mirror… and see I am getting old… this is the kind of person I am… and have always been.  Loving dogs is easy, they are part of me.  Please accept me for who I am.  My dogs appreciate my presence in their lives…tthey love my presence in their lives… when I am old this will be important to me… you will understand when you are old, if you have dogs to love too.  ‘Author Unknown.

The wisdom of someone who is aging gracefully and loving dogs.  My kind of person!

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


Live – Love – Laugh – Wag - Adopt

Buddy May 15, 2023

Dear Friends,

Hi Buddy, this is Jack. Remember me?  I am the guy at the Paws and Claws bookstore on Thursdays that gets to see all the people come in and sometimes I even get a biscuit or two.  I am a former shelter dog at Ark and was rescued by my mom.  Her name is Linda and she is the gal at the bookstore on Thursdays.  She is the one that needs volunteers to help.  I have a cool story for you.

Last week when you could not go to Topeka Elementary and see all the First graders like last year and get the check for all the cookies they sold during the year guess who was in your place.  Yep, me.  Well my mom and my dad went too.  I think my mom and dad were a little nervous but that is my time to shine.  I love boys and girls.  It was an awesome time, I mean awesome.  One first grader asked my mom how did she choose me.  My mom’s response was that I really chose her.  She was at the shelter and I was in the office and I knew this person was for me.  I jumped in her lap and gave her those eyes you so often talk about and well the rest was history.  Another question was how did I learn to sing.  I learned because my mom and dad howled at me every day so I finally got it and did it back.  Man, did I get the pats and treats then.  I heard my mom and dad talking on the way home about wondering if all those first graders when home and tried to teach their dog to howl.   It was fun being with all the kids and all the hugs and pats I got.  No wonder you like going Buddy. 

The kids sold cookies all year long and came up with $471.10 to donate to Ark.  That is many many cookies that all their moms made during the year.  Thank you so much all first graders and of course their moms and teachers.  That money helps us make sure all the dogs, cats have good food, medical care from the vets, and of course, some treats.  I look forward to coming again.  Maybe Buddy and I can come together. 

My town mom saw this on that crazy Face book.  If I didn’t have a dog.  If I didn’t have a dog I could walk around the back yard barefoot without worry.  My house could be carpeted instead of tiled.  My clothing, furniture and other belongings would be free of hair.  When the doorbell rings, my home wouldn’t sound like a kennel.  I could sit on the couch or lie in my bed the way I want to, without taking into consideration how much space she needs to be comfortable.  I would not have strange presents under the Christmas tree like bones, stuffed animals, toys and treats…not would I have to explain way I wrap them.  I would have no guilt about going on vacation.  I would not be on a first name basis with three veterinarians, as I put their kids through college.  The most used words in my vocabulary would not be sit, stay, down, come go.  My house would not be in zones and baby gates and barriers.  My pockets would not contain things like poop bags, treats, and an extra leash.  My house wouldn’t look like a daycare center with toys everywhere.  I would not have to spell out the words, Ball, treat, walk.  I would be missing something very important – unconditional love.

Your’fur-ever’ friend, Buddy

Live – Laugh – Love – Wag – Adopt

Buddy May 8, 2023

Dear Friends,

Well, I am sorry to say I didn’t get any May baskets.  Maybe next year.  I did hear someone say that May is called that because it may snow, it may rain, it may be spring or it may be summer.  I thought that was pretty good.  I am ready for that sun, the more of it the better.  My lake mom has the pontoon out.  Soon?  Very soon I hope!! Ohhh I can feel that breeze in my nose.  All those awesome smells and odors.  Yippee!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  How about a shelter pet for a surprise? We have them.  Or in honor of you mom you could donate to Ark.  I’m always looking out for them.

This will tug at your heart. The Foster Dog. I know I don’t look like much. My ears aren’t the longest but I can hear everything you say. My coat isn’t very shiny, either – but I loved to be brushed. I am not a perfect dog, I guess.  Sometimes I make mistakes in the house, mostly when I get scared.  And I get really frightened when my foster mom goes away.  I know what it’s like to be abandoned forever. What if she never, never comes back? I get a awfully possessive about my food sometimes. I know what it’s like not to have any. And big people with loud hard voices scare me when they try to clip my nails.  I’ve been hurt bad.  And sometimes kids run and scream, one of them hit me once. And one kicked me.  I feel better that I used to, but I still get kind of sick sometimes.  I don’t know what’s wrong, but sometimes I just like to lie down in the sun and sleep.  I like my foster mother very well.  She’s a really nice person.  And I have been here a long time now.  She likes me too.  But I wish I had someone to really really love me.  Some very nice people came to look at me one time.  They petted me and took me for a walk!  I was so sure. But they went away.  They said I was too old. I wonder what that means.  Does that mean I won’t every get my own home?  By Diane Morgan

What is the best time of the day for you?  I’ve been thinking of this for a while and I have 3.  One is in the morning on my way to school with my lake mom.  She talks to me and rubs my ears. 2. After breakfast when I get to sit on my town mom’s lap and she talks to me. 3. When I get to walk with Sunshine and Lollipop. 

Golden Goodie -Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail – Author unknown.

Have a great week.

Your ‘fur-ever” friend,


Live – Laugh – Love – Wag – Adopt

Buddy April 24, 2023

Dear Friends,

For 12 years!  I have done this for 12 years.  It is my spot.  It has been reserved for me and I fit just fine.  I have wiggled and sometimes wag as I snuggle down into my town mom’s right side in her favorite chair.  Now after 12 years this little pip squeak Sunshine thinks it is her space.  I’m ok with change but I do think seniority has its place too.  It was a battle this week for me to get my space.  Not a fighting battle but Sunshine is younger than me and it is easier for her to jump and walk on the arm chair to find that reserved space.  You would think she would have some respect for me and the past 12 years.  It is amazing what the younger generation think they can do. I am wondering when she will think she can take over my spot on the couch in the living room or the window that I look out.  Any ideas for me?

Here is a note from Molly. Hey there, Buddy!

It's me, Molly. I last wrote you back when the weather was super cold and snow was on the ground. Sure am glad those days are over.

I am enjoying the sights and smells of spring, long walks with my people, and the nice green grass. But I have a question about that grass. As we walk, I sometimes notice little paper tags on sticks sticking out of the ground, and often there are little grains of something on the sidewalks and in the grass. My mom tells me that someone has treated the lawn to help it grow - what an exciting thought! More green grass to run and roll in!

But my mom also has a concern. She wonders if it is safe for me to walk on that grass and the sidewalks when they have those tiny grains covering them. She thinks that if a sign was put up to tell us that the grass has been treated, then maybe we should be careful.

I don't know the answer, and while I would hate to miss out on a single walk, I do like being healthy. (Mom says I am perhaps too healthy and that she may "cut back." Not sure what that means, but it sure sounds suspicious to me.)

Any advice for me? My mom says you know a lot and that it would be a good idea to get your opinion. Love, Molly

Molly, I know what you are talking about.  You could use those little booties or have your mom just wash your feet when you get home.  It isn’t good for you to lick after you have walked in that stuff.  Great hearing from you.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


Live – Laugh – Love – Wag - Adopt


Buddy April 17, 2023

Dear Friends,

Time for me to visit with you about having your pet checked for any issues with their teeth.  Why?  Well you see I just had mine done and that reminds me to remind you to have your pets teeth checked.   Lots of nasty stuff can happen if you don’t get them cleaned.  The worst is it can actually mess with their heart.  And, you know how important the heart is. You can check on line for all the things that can happen if their teeth are not healthy.  Do it. 

I also got my summer cut this week.  Feels really good and both my mom’s tell me I smell better too.  I look like a different dog.  I still have my poof which is really me, and my ears are still there too.  It sure makes me more comfy.  The girls smell better too.  They now look like a real Schnauzer and not a mop. I would not say that out loud and I am quite sure they don’t know how to read yet. 

My lake mom got the pontoon out.  And, I can’t wait to get on it and feel that breeze in my face.  I totally love going on it and when we go I usually get some treats too.  I hope we get to go soon!  I love going around the lake and seeing people that I haven’t seen since last summer.  I have a new dog friend too and I bet she gets to go on the pontoon too.

Here is a great story to end this week.  My town mom’s cousin sent it to her and she read it to me and I agree it is good.  It is called the Eagle and the Crow.  The only bird that dares to peck an eagle is the crow.  The crow sits on the eagles back and bites his neck.  The eagle does not respond, nor fights with the crow; he doesn’t spend time or energy on the crow, instead he just opens his wings and begins to rise higher in the heavens.  The higher the flight, the harder it is for the crow to breathe and eventually the crow falls off due to a lack of oxygen. 

Learn from the eagle and don’t fight the crows, just keep ascending.  They might be along for the ride but they will soon fall off.  Do not allow yourself to succumb to the distractions…keep your focus on the things above and continue rising!!

Hope you all have a great week!  Remember wag your tail – it makes people smile.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


Live – Laugh – Love – Wag - Adopt


April 10, 2023

Dear Friends,

Laundry detergent, scoopable litter and milk bones.  Guess what these are?  They are the current needs at Ark. You can help my pals keep clean and enjoy a milk bone during the day if you want to drop these off at the shelter or at Paws and Claws in Howe.  Wiggles and wags to you.

Spring break – over.  That means drop off and pick up for me.  I like staying with Sunshine and Lollipop but I also like the peace and quiet of my lake mom’s home.  I am thinking I have the best of two worlds. 

My town mom’s niece.  Let me think what does that make me?  I am not very good with this genealogy stuff so let me just say she is my friend.  Her kitty’s have written a couple of letters to me. Anyway, she sent my town mom this thing on tiktok. You guessed it I have no clue what tiktok is.  I listened  to the stories she sent and I told my town mom to find out more about it.  So, she did and it didn’t take much coaxing either. There is this guy who every week shares 5 of the best stories about dogs for the week.  I thought this past week was pretty good so I am going to share with you what he said.

This week the # 5 dog is a dog named Pal.  He actually became mayor  in Niagara Falls, Canada.  The ceremony was official with a paw print and everything.  He has a trusty assistant who retrieves his tennis balls when they roll under the couch.  # 4 believe it or not are two. A goat named Cinnamon and a dog named Felix.  They have been together for a long time and the goat is actually house broken. That I would like to see!  They were given to a shelter and great for them they were adopted out together on a farm with other dogs and goats.  Wow, how great is that!  # 3 is a dog at a ball game that actually caught a fly ball.  The owner took it from him and the people around said give it back so he did.  #2 is Ruby.  Ruby was adopted several weeks before when she and her owner Bradley were on a walk.  Bradley fainted due to low blood pressure and Ruby said right with him until help arrived.  Bradley is fine and they are again walking.  #1 for this week involves comfort dogs in Nashville.  The Lutheran comfort dog ministry  took  6 comfort dogs go to the school where the shooting happened.  They will stay for as long as they are needed.  I had no clue there was even an organization like this.  I think this is pretty neat.  Thank you Lutheran comfort dog ministry people.  You made my poof wag!

So now the question you might ask as I did how do you get involved with stories like this.  I asked Heather and this is what she said: If you go to any platform – that means facebook, Instagram, tictok and type in (weratedogs.) you can follow this guy weekly.  I am going to do it – providing my town mom will allow me on her phone.  Thanks Heather for sharing!

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


Live – Laugh – Love – Wag – Adopt.


April 3, 2023

Dear Friends,

You should be at my town mom’s house when it is breakfast or suppertime.  Not for you to eat but for you to watch the sure to be a bestseller video of me and Sunshine and Lollipop eating.  It is something to see.  I have my own food because my lake mom brings it in.  You may find that interesting but when I know she is getting ready to leave for school I do not eat. You will know why in a minute. So, the best thing to do is let me eat at my town mom’s house.  Sunny and Lolli eat different food than me.  Most of the time in the morning they have already eaten but at night that is a different story.  My town mom usually says, “Want supper?”  And we all know what that means!  So we stand by the counter while she fixes 3 suppers.  Three different bowls, three different dogs.  I gulp my food down and usually leave just a tiny bit in the bottom.  Lolli and Sunny know that and they will not eat their supper until they lick my bowl totally I mean totally clean! Then, they eat their supper and of course, they have to switch bowls three or 4 times.  Same food.  I wait ever so patient until they are done and then zap I lick their bowls.  Strange thing it is.  I am beginning to think they have my town mom and their mom very well trained.

Here is a pretty good poem for you.  It is called Poem of a dog. I am the one who always waits for you.  Your can has a special sound that I have imprinted on my senses; I can recognize it among a thousand.  Your steps have a magic timbre.  Your voice is music to my ears.  If I see your joy, it makes me happy!  Your scent is the best; your presence is what moves my senses.  Your awakening wakes me up.  I watch you sleep and for me you are my God, I am happy watching over your sleep.  Your gaze is a ray of light.  Your hands on me have the lightness of peace and the sublime display of infinite love.  When you go out, I feel a huge emptiness in my heart.  I wait for you again and again.  I am the one who will wait for you all my life today, tomorrow and always:  I am your dog.  Author unknown.

It is Spring break!  That means a couple of things to me.  One I spend the entire week with those crazy pups.  But, it also means and I sure hope this is right, nice weather.  Have a great week!

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


Live – Laugh – Love – Wag - Adopt

March 27, 2023

Hi Buddy-

This is your old friend, Barkus the heavenly Beagle. Haven't talked to you for a while. All is well up here in Heaven. Our HEAVENLY HOWLERS CLUB continues to grow and howl songs of gratitude for our eternal home. And that brings me to my reason for writing to you. A very sweet lost pup narrowly missed joining us today and here is the reason why. I was able to get thru to my kind-hearted, but sort of scatter brained human. She lives not too far from you and she was whizzing down a country road this afternoon when she spotted something that looked sort of like a pile of rags. I had been watching her for some time and sending her strong messages to drive on that particular road because I had also been watching that “pile of rags” which was really an extremely emaciated, exhausted, totally without hope large puppy. Well, she saw it and slowed down and I thought “Oh good!” she is going to stop. But , no, she drove right on by . So I gathered up every ounce of concentration and sent her a huge plea for compassion for the dog. And, amazing as it sounds, she heard me and better yet, listened to me. She turned around and went back and was so very glad she did because the pile of rags was the poor little dog. He had totally given up and was just curled in a ball by the side of the road. She checked with some people living near-by and they said they had seen it earlier in the day in their neighborhood. Also a nice young Amish guy stopped his buggy and said he had also seen it a few miles down the road earlier in the day. She determined that the pup (a male) was not going to bite and with a lot of urging finally got him to stand up. He was very weak and wobbly and so extremely thin that he could scarcely walk. But she was able to coax him into her van and drove to her home with him. Her long suffering husband helped get him into their basement and put him in a crate. And then I sent her another quick message and reminded her that the shelter was still open. So after contacting the shelter, she and her husband loaded him back up in her van and took him directly there. The shelter staff need a big vote of thanks for their role in this rescue too. They were very gracious and helpful in getting him inside and into a nice warm cage. He was given food, water and shelter and his gratitude was 100% evident. My friends up here and I are proud of my human and Ark Animal Rescue. All of you- KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Your old friend, Barkus the Heavenly Beagle

Barkus, you are amazing! You saved that dogs life! Nothing any better than this.  My poof is wagging and I even told the pups about this.  They listened very well and said they would like to meet such a celebrity.  I said pups, not quite yet but someday you will.  Keep up the good work!.  By the way, I had my mom call the shelter and that dogs is doing great!

Your ’fur-ever’ friend,


Live – Love – Laugh –Wag - Adopt

Dear Buddy,

You may have heard some new things going on at the shelter.  New faces, new jobs, new responsibilities but the same ol love for all the dogs and cats.  Let me share with you a little about who is there and what they are doing.  Rebecca has been at the shelter for some time. She is now in charge of the Animal Care.  That means to me that she takes the animals to the vet when needed and sees that they get all the medicine they need and that they are eating and doing some other things like they should be.  Damian is our Animal Control guy now.  He is the guy that will come get a stray when you call.  He loves working with the animals.  Brenda is our new HR person.  I had to ask what that was.  She has a lot of experience and has two 12 year old dogs. NLicole is kind of new to Ark.  She is a dog trainer.  She loves to see dogs adopted and loves to have them behave.  So when you go to Ark to adopt you may see these faces or when you go to drop off donated stuff you may see them too.

Here is one for the books.  I taught the pups something new.  Ha. You guessed it probably not the best thing to teach them but I got a laugh out of it and so did their mom.  You see in the bathroom there are empty TP rolls.  Do you know how much fun empty TP roll can be?  Well I am here to tell you they can be a riot.  So I grabbed one from the wastebasket and took off.  The pups followed me and before my town mom could catch the three of us we had that thing shredded!  I loved it.  I am wondering if they will investigate when I am not there to show them. 

Last week the pups found the robins in the yard.  Their mom had shoveled a couple of paths so they could do what they need to do outside.  When the sun came out so did the robins.  They were running up and down the shoveled path and so were Sunny and Lolli.  I heard my town mom say it looked like the Indy 500 race. 

Ark has a fundraiser coming up at the American Legion.  I have a great idea why don’t you plan to attend, get a great meal and help Ark at the same time.  April 14 is the date for your calendar and you can come anytime between 5 and 8 pm.  I doubt I get to go but I always hope there is a chance.

Here are a couple of funnies for you. Where do you find a dog with no legs?– Right where you left it.  Did you hear about the dog who could not stop talking like a horse? It was a dog and pony show. One more – what do you get when you cross a dog with a calculator?  Someone you can count on.

Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,


Live – Love – Laugh – Wag - Adopt

Dear Buddy,

My mom told me to write you. She said we're related somehow?  I'm not sure how a cat and a dog can be related? I believe my mom said something about, "cousins."

 I was writing you to ask, "Have you thanked your veterinarian today?"  I hear a lot of people complain about how expensive it is to go to the veterinarian and I'm not a fan of going to the vet myself.  But I'm VERY grateful for veterinarians and their staff, if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be writing you this letter.

While my mom was out of town and I had a babysitter, I got bored and decided to swallow something that shouldn't go in my tummy. I bet you're surprised to hear that Kitty cats are silly enough to swallow something they shouldn't.  That is usually a 'dog thing'. (No offense Buddy.) My mom rushed home to take me to the veterinarian even though I couldn't tell her what I did or why my tummy was upset. She knew that I wasn't myself. The veterinarian took x-rays of my tummy and suspected I got into trouble. I had to have surgery and my mom was so worried. I don't remember much only that I woke up and I felt better and all the fur was missing off of my tummy. Oh, and I had to wear a stupid cone for weeks. Thankfully several weeks later I was all better and back to my usual spunky self my mom knows and loves.

 The veterinarian told my mom that I had swallowed the knot from the end of a pair of flannel pajama bottoms. You know us kitties we like to play with strings!  If you're a kitty owner be very cautious about all kinds of string and thread some kitties like to put it in their mouth and then they cannot get it out again and right down to the old tummy it goes causing big problems.

 Mostly, my mom wanted me to write to let you know veterinarians saved my life. Veterinarians go to school for a long time and they learn more than just one kind of pet and their patients cannot tell them what is wrong. They have to be smart detectives! Veterinarian's work very hard for the love of us furry kind and sometimes we pets don't act too grateful.  So next time your human is at the veterinarian's office take a moment to thank them, maybe pat them on the head and give them their favorite treat. Oh wait, I don't think humans like pats on the head.  My mom jokes that I'm her million-dollar cat but I was her million-dollar cat before I swallowed the knot!

I hope you're enjoying springtime. I am really enjoying all the action on Bird TV! Take care, Your cousin, Marie Sputnik.

Marie, I heard about your little adventure while your mom was visiting in Indiana.  I also know she was very worried and upset.  I am sure glad things turned out as they did.  I have seen some of your pictures and of your brother too.  Keep me posted on your adventures.  Your right, we need to thank our vets! Thanks for the letter.

Your forever friend,


Live – Love – Laugh – Wag - Adopt

Dear Buddy,
My name is Tux and I am a foster dog to some of your friends who live in Carmel, In. They are so sweet and
saved me from living another day in the shelter. I mean all of the people at the shelter were nice and loved on
me, but when I was in my crate there, I felt very lonely and sad.
See, this was my third time at the shelter. I just didn't understand why and still wonder why I was there, again.
My first owner surrendered me for unknown reasons. The second family returned me to the shelter because
their home was too loud for me and they had a special needs child. I tried to be a good boy, but the situation
made me nervous and I would get sick to my tummy. Then a third adopter took me in and my owner recently
got sick, so I went back to the shelter. In my 6 years, I have been to the shelter way too much. I guess the
shelter posted my sweet face on Facebook and my foster momma saw it and said she would save me with the
help of the rescue she works through.
So, here I this home where these hoomans talk to me and whisper sweet nothings to me. They also have
two dogs that look like me. I am a bit nervous around them because they like to play a lot. I am getting more
comfortable though and I even look for my foster brother and sister to "play." I just want to be a normal dog, in
a safe home and with hoomans who will not give up on me. This foster home give me hope...they say the wuv
me, they give me treats, I get to cuddle in bed with them and they even take me on walks. I whimper
throughout the day a lot, because I am just so excited to maybe finding my forever home. Oh, did I mention
they have lots of doggie toys for me to play with and chew on?
I try every day to gain some confidence and trust everyone. I just want lots of wuv and kisses. When I found out
my foster momma hears your stories every week, I knew I needed to tell you my story. After all, I am a Boston
Terrier and I think I am the best dog ever!
So great to hear from you. A home is a great thing to have and those hoomans are good too. And, treats are
great also. I am very interested in how you got your name? I like it. I have a cousin who is a Boston and her
name is Ziva. I hope your foster family will let you stay with them. They are good people that come from
parents who also love dogs. This is good. Thank you so much for the note. Please keep in touch and let me
know how things are going.
Your ‘fur-ever’ friend,
Live – Love – Laugh – Wag - Adopt

Dear Friends,

When I am at my town mom’s house for a sleepover it is an interesting time.  She has as you now know 2 sort of pups.  They sleep with her and you know I get to sleep with her too. So we have three dogs in a bed.  That isn’t the big deal what is interesting is we also have a squirrel, a schnazie, a monkey, a sunbeam, a giraffe, Christmas tree, a purple and green worm and even sometimes a deer antler.  You see this one newbie to the crew thinks it is great to bring all her toys to bed too.  I made the decision the bed isn’t for me.  I have a special bed in the closet, a huge fluffy pillow that fits me just fine and I don’t have to squirm around all the extra goodies.  Can you tell me why Lolipop thinks she needs all these extra things in bed with her?  One night not too long ago I woke up in the middle of the night to this “squeak” it was a frog. I am glad it was a squeak and not a croak or a ribbit.  I must say life has been interesting with the new dogs. Some of you may know by now but if you don’t I want you to know Cindy at Ark has resigned.  She has decided after 8 years it is time for her to do something else.  I want to thank her for helping so many of my pals find homes and for loving all that have come and gone at the rescue.  Best of luck Cindy, my poof is wagging for all you did at Ark. My friend shared a story that is good for us to remember.  Her friend found a puppy she fell in love with.  She took the pup home and loved her for several days.  The pup then became sick and so she took her to the vet.  The vet shook her head and said the pup was extremely ill.  Then the sad thing happened, the pup passed away.  Please when you find an animal you like and then fall in love with that you take that pup to a vet for a check up before you purchase.  It was a sad thing for all involved, the gal and the pup.  Not all who raise animals make sure they are healthy before they leave the breeder .Here is something to make you smile: Two dog owners are arguing about whose pet is smarter. “My dog is so smart,” says the first owner, “that every morning he goes to the store and buys me a sesame seed bagel with chive cream cheese, stops off at Starbucks and picks me up a mocha latte, and then comes home and turns on ESPN, all before I get out of bed.” “I know,” says the second owner. “How do you know?” the first demands. “My dog told me.

Your ’fur-ever’ friend,


Laugh – Love – Live – Wag - Adopt  

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